1. G

    Shiny pedals

    Hi Guys & Gals Havn't been on the site for some time due to work commitments. Bought a new Merc well its new to me, 2001 C 200 Kompessor 6 speed, metalic black, all the bits wheels, etc etc - such a nice motor. Still got the CLK 320 (Sundays only now). What I need is to change the...
  2. M

    MB club Pedals

    Do the MB club Alloy pedals fit the R129 SL ? IF they do, could someone remind me of the part numbers please ? I looked at the old threads & have Pm'd Tan for info
  3. marcos


    Just a quick note to say the I have now fitted the ( almost compulsory ) evolution pedals to my W211. Thanks to Brian ;) for the how-to instructions, very easy and surprisingly cheap. :bannana: Problem is everyone in the office has been watching me do it and they now all think I'm a sad case. :o
  4. C

    FS: Alloy Pedals

    The mod for members of this forum Alloy pedals direct replacement for 202/203/208/209/211 models and no doubt many others (do a search for alloy pedals to make sure). Link here to the HowTo thread on fitting - 20 mins max. Used for 6...
  5. Ian B Walker

    Alloy Pedals

    Went to collect the Alloy Pedals that Shude had on offer. True to his word he fitted them for me. Remember the thread that said something like "you need a box of plasters"? Not Shude the Master. I was stood around watching and I cut my finger, must be a sympathy thing. Also met Bloodmoon and his...
  6. S

    OEM MB Race Pedals (Manual)

    I am looking for OEM racing (aluminium) pedals for C200K, with manual transmission. Any ideas? SamKet07
  7. Flyer

    MB Pedals - what a bargain!

    As most of us know, we can replace our pedals for the "Evolution" aluminium pedals for around £20 - and it is something that we can do as they are very easy to fit. I've just been looking on the Vauxhall website, as my girlfriend likes the look of mine and wants some for her Astra...
  8. R

    W211 Alloy Pedals

    Fitted the pedals this morning. Very pleased with the results, thanks guys! :bannana: From this: To this: :cool: And not a single plaster needed!
  9. Tan

    Alloy Pedals

    The brake pedal rubber on my '99 SL500 is starting to wear out. Does anybody know if there are Alloy Pedals available for MB cars either by MB, AMG or any of the other good MB tuners?
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