1. rajinder_1


    Now im sure i paid less than this for these direct from dealer !!!!!!!! cheeky bugger!!!!
  2. B

    AMG foot pedals?

    I phone the local stealership today and they didn't know of any after market aluminum foot pedals for my s class supplied by merc, it this true? Anyone recommend any and what price should i be looking at?
  3. smillion

    No steering wheel or pedals! SLC600

    I have just been e-mailed these and thought they would be of interest here :D
  4. Gucci

    The official MBClub mod pedals

    Can these be fitted to my ML (W163)?
  5. C

    mercedes upgrade pedals

    i asked my local stealer they dont stock the alloy pedals :confused: are they purely aftermarket fitments or are the parts dept not to helpful: any part numbers would begrateful thanks..
  6. chrisbala

    w208 manual aluminium pedals

    anybody know where i can get a set of aluminium pedals for the clk w208 - how much do the steakers usually charge - i;ve seen them on ebay for over 50 pounds - but its march harder to find manual ones. also what is the fitting like - has anybody done this to a manual clk before? cheers
  7. S

    Aluminium pedals

    Hi All Does anyone know the part number for the Mercedes Aluminium pedal set ? I would like to upgrade my existing rubber ones but don't fancy paying the exorbitant prices I have seen on E-bay (one guy wants £70.00) :eek: Any infomation would be greatly appreciated PS the Car is a...
  8. NW_Merc

    Chrome pedals for £85? Is he havin' a laff?
  9. V

    Pedals painted or polished metal?

    I'm interested in doing a pedal mod but need clarification. SLK Pedals:round rubber pads, polished metal (brite), inexpensive SL Pedal: oval rubber pads, painted metal (satin), inexpensive except for gas pedal. I'm thinking SL brake(230-290-00-82) and E-brake(230-430-00-84) and SLK...
  10. BTB 500

    Shiny pedals

    OK, I'm officially shiny now - thanks to Shude and others for the great info. posted previously. Brake one was a bit fiddly, but managed the whole thing without a single plaster required! Oh and I got the standard response from the parts dept. guy - "wow, these are cheap!" :)
  11. I

    Shiny pedals !

    Can anyone reccommend a place to get some nice shiny pedals for my old SL which has rubber ones at the mo. Also some nice mats, seen a few adverts for mats in Merc Enthusiast but it's difficult to know which are the best. More interested in quality than price. SS pedals would be nice, match my...
  12. A

    MBClub pedals

    More of them, seem to be all over the place, original MB pedals at a fraction of the price (i.e. 2 x the dealer cost!)
  13. andy_cyp

    W203 Grille & Genuine Pedals

    Grille will fit any w203c class, not coupe. 10 days old. Was £72.00 Pedals will fit most majority of MB, please find out before you enquire.Less than a week old. Was £26.00. See pictures below for details Will sell both for £45.00 plus £5.00 P&P. email me at [email protected]
  14. M

    brabus pedals

    anyone know where i can buy brabus pedal for a manual 51 plate A160?
  15. R

    Shiny Pedals

    Dear All Finally got round to fitting Alloy pedals to my C200 Esprit. £27.00 squid from stealers in Bath (bargain). Dose this mean I qualify for Free MB club stickers. (Ha)
  16. MercedesBent

    These MBClub pedals I read about??

    What do they look like? Are they for Manual as well as auto? Price? Where can I get some? Cheers
  17. Spinal

    Installing Shude's Pedals on a W202!

    A (hopefully) nice HOWTO on installing Shudes nice pedals on my W202. Sorry to Iyse, but I couldn't resist typing this! Items needed: (Make sure you have all the necessary, BEFORE you start) - 4 alloy pedals (accelerator, clutch, brake, and hand foot brake) - Smallish Flat screwdriver -...
  18. Iyse

    New pedals

    Just installed the Official MBClub mod, the SLK Evloution Pedals. Got them in the post this morning (thanks, Shude) and went straight out to my car. Was a bit of a nightmare trying to get the pedals on, I didn't realise they would be so stiff. But now they're done, and no one will notice except...
  19. High-Lo

    Chrome Pedals - Very Rare!!

    Check this eBay item for a set of rare :confused: chrome pedals. Almost at £30 with 14 hours to go. I feel like contacting the high bidder to tell them they can get original MB's for much less.
  20. Iyse

    Evolution Pedals

    Where do us non-lazy manual Mercedes drivers get a set of SLK Evolution Pedals? :P I can only find the automatic sets. Thanks.
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