1. S

    W209 Clk55 Decat pipes or pipe diameter

    Hi folks I'm the happy new owner of a 2003 Clk55,and looking to remove the secondery cats, leaving everything else stock, original single AMG rear box . Ideally someone will point me in the direction of decat pipe kit, or alternatively give me the original pipe outside diameter so i can cut...
  2. Peter Michaels

    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Hello i noticed to day a finger-thick black rubber pipe hanging down underneath the body, just next to the left of the right rear wheel. I haven't noticed this before, the pipe is about 1/4 of an inch thick and hangs down maybe 6 inches. But i cant see where it connects. I hope its nothing...
  3. S

    Sprinter 313 cdi 2010 EGR pipe

    Hi all. I'm currently replacing the metal pipe from the EGR valve to the inlet manifold. However, the fixing plate to secure onto the manifold doesn't seem to fit over the flanges. I've cut the old pipe in half to get it off but can't get it onto the new one!!!!3
  4. M

    Mercedes w204 cdi 220 intercooler pipe

    Hi there im new to this forum. I need some help i have a split in my intercooler pipe on the the passenger side and now my car has gone into and getting codes p2279 and p2463. Its the pipe in the picture below i wanted to know which pipe i need to replace it. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. S

    m119 engine breather pipe

    Can any help me with this strange part number? I run a 91 500 SL WITH THE M119V8 ENGINE and my rocker cover breather hose has gone brittle and is leaking .Stamp on the hose is number 119042082/1190941982 and my main dealer cannot find these numbers, this hose sits on the near side bank of the V8...
  6. Baldbloke

    Brake pipe renewal. Front to back on 211. Advice please.

    It is a 2007 E class 320 cdi estate. The longest pipe is heavily corroded at the rear O/S and needs replaced. I have taken off the covers and see that it is only the last two feet of pipe that has any corrosion. The rest is as new but appears to be one piece from the flexi-hose at the rear...
  7. Graham21

    H Pipe Review

    I know I'm selling the car but thought I'd let you all know my thoughts on the secondary resonator delete with H Pipe without removing the second Cat. Not much difference at idle but a nice roar I would say while on the move and especially under load but it's not too loud but definitely a...
  8. C

    W210 fuel pipe clip part No

    As the title says really. Mines broken, which allowed the pipe to come adrift and rub on the belt, causing a bad leak! Its the clip underneath the HP fuel pump that holds the 2 clear plastic fuel pipes. It's a 2002 W210 320cdi. WDB2102262X085962 Cheers Ben
  9. Cymruambyth

    Hose pipe snow foam.

    I have a pressure washer and snow foam lance but for the odd quick wash I thought about getting a foam lance for my hose pipe. I`ve seen a few but I thought I`d ask for recommendations....anyone use these? Ta.
  10. Jonsyb

    2012 C250 cdi air intake pipe rattle

    Hi all new to the forum Just have the car about a month now and when it's sitting idling The air intake pipe is making an awful racket anybody else have this issue and How did you fix thanks
  11. D

    C63 W204 Secondary Cat delete - X pipe vs Milltek?

    Sorry for the dumb question. But what is the difference of buying an X pipe vs say a Milltek by pass kit?
  12. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  13. wu56Shoozz

    WANTED W203 320CDI Turbo Intake Pipe

    PART NO: 642 094 34 97 Anyone got one or that they don't want or need..please PM me. Many Thanks :thumb:
  14. chubbs111

    fuel pipe

    i have a 2003 clk 270cdi and on the very front of the head is a block with a clear plastic fuel pipe attatched,i have a fuel leak from that pipe, is it a return pipe or delivery pipe,and do i have to go to the dealer for the pipe.
  15. merc85

    Mercedes e55k Intercooler Pipe size?

    Hi, Does anyone know what the internal bore size is of the rubber pipes that connect to the side of the heat/exchanger/Intercooler unit??
  16. merc85

    e55 w211 Y intake pipe to throttle body

    Havng a route around and noticed one of the retaining clips have been broken sercuring the Intake Y pipe to throttle body. So if you have a undamaged one for sale please pm me.:thumb:
  17. mr tibbs

    Air flow pipe split?

    Hi all. I am having my E320 W211 serviced and I just got a call to say that the pipe going into the turbo is split/broken. Can anyone advise where to get a replacement please? Thanks Keith
  18. brucemillar

    W124 Headlight Vacuum - Snapped Pipe

    Folks Old sausage fingers strikes again. Whilst removing the headlights from my 124, to clean the glass. I managed to break the vacuum line connector flush with the headlight. This was actually my wife's fault as I knew she was going to complain about me cleaning the headlight glass in the...
  19. 4

    2009 C180 Kompressor brake pipe

    I use a reliable family garage for servicing my C180. On recent services and MoTs no reference was made to the offside brake pipes. However on its MoT last month it failed because of "excessive corrosion" to these pipes. I had them replaced, however I became more uncertain about it. It...
  20. Alex225

    SL350 -Aircon pipe (2006)

    I've been trying to locate the metal pipe that runs alongside the engine for the air-conditioning as ours has a hole in. Is anyone able to advice on part numbers? Sorry to be so vague. It's the metal part right in the centre of the picture.
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