1. BIRMA

    One for any guitar players on the forum

    Having packed up my 8 piece boogie woogie band 20 years ago when my daughter was born I visited one of the band members over Christmas had a crap but enjoyable jam and the result. A 1992 Custom Shop 51 Precision Bass, lovely instrument and I've bought myself an Ashdown all valve amplifier and...
  2. U

    players Show 9 north Weald 20th Sept

    its that time again Players 9 Players Show @ North Weald - Presented by Airlift Any interested in this one, i'll be there again this year. :thumb:
  3. B

    Powering 2 Portable DVD players

    Hello, Please excuse any stupidity/ignorance. I will be doing a rather long drive soon with the kids in the back and was going to get them a DVD player each. Would it be feasible/possible to get a splitter for the cigarette lighter and power the 2 player like that? As long as the...
  4. Alps

    Players Show - North Weald Airfield - 21/09/14 - TOMORROW!

    totally forgot to put this one up! North Weald tomorrow i`ll be there, be good to see some others from here! apologies for announcing so late, too much going on!
  5. Giantvanman

    Any piano players out there?

    Okay. It's Friday night and I've been wondering about learning to play the piano (like you do). I only started playing acoustic guitar in my 40's and have a reasonable ear but I am concerned that A. can an oldie learn to play piano (a bit) and B. would it be necessary to learn scales/do grades...
  6. T

    Aftermarket cd players

    The power for the head unit as you all may know, is 3 plugs, 2 joined together and on it's own:thumb: I want to replace head unit/changer because the changer is on the fritz:( I have several CD players, but the single Merc plug doesn't fit:wallbash: I went to Halfords and they told me...
  7. Alps

    Players Show 15th Sept North Weald Essex

    Weekend after TRAX, but was a good show last year. Alot of low very well looked after cars (be quiet Rash!) last year was a very mixed bunch of cars which was nice to see, live DJ, beer tent, various stands. £10 at the door (cash only) £5 to enter the show n shine Players 2013
  8. V

    2005 viano rear roof mounted DVD players and tyres help please

    Hello all. Just recently ventured into the Mercedes world buying a 2005 xlwb Viano 2.2 cdi. Have recently got it tuned at Pendle Performance so running superb now without any lag. Also had rear windows tinted. Now onto my questions...... The rear DVD players in the roof switch on fine but...
  9. Alps

    Players Show 16th Sept North Weald

    Players German Car show 16th Sept North Weald Airfield, Essex. I went to this event last year and it was really good, mainly a VAG group theme but more BMW`s and Mercs as well as anything else which had a low stance! Not as big as TRAX but more select and a nice sunday morning out! you...
  10. Alps

    Players German car Show 2011

    Went to the Players German car show today at North weald air strip near Harlow, some quality cars there mainly VAG orientated, but a few MB`s and a few BMW`s as well as other marquees, apologies in advance for the first few extra large pics
  11. jaymanek

    Mercedes CD Players

    We seem to be going through a few of these at the moment so if anyone has any lying around they would like to sell plese get in touch. At the moment I am after - Standard Single DIN CD player for 2001 SLK - Single CD player for early 2003 W209 CLK pre feacelift. - Single CD player for...
  12. B

    Compatible CD Players?

    Does anyone know the list of players / changers that work in place of the MC3010 (with Audio 10) ? Mine appears to be toast, now, so I am scouring eBay, etc. for a replacement. MC3111 Yes. MC3296 Not Fibre Optic Are there any others? Thanks.
  13. Mr E

    Any keyboard players?

    I've been mooching around trying to find the answer to a query - most of my keyboard player contacts use Korg and Yamaha gear.... Anyway - I've got a couple of gigs depping for the guitarist, and the band are supposed to be supplying me with the tracks so that I can rehearse. Had a call from...
  14. ecossebev

    Rugby players v Football players

    After a weekend of 6 nations rugby, English Premier League and Scottish Cup football, I asked myself 'how long would a professional footballer last in a game of rugby?' The footallers go to ground and wriggle about after the slighest knock, while the rugby players get up after 35+stone of...
  15. R

    Media Players

    I'm toying with putting all my music and DVDs (maybe) onto a Hard driver player. Has anyone any experience of the fors and againsts in doing this and has anyone bought or built a system to do this?????
  16. jimmy

    Cheap(ish) DVD Players

    Has anybody bought a budget DVD player lately? I am after 12, yes twelve budget DVD players none of the 'Superstores' want to do a deal, any ideas?
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