1. Bigdw

    S class w221 jacking points

    can anyone tell me the best place to jack up the whole of the rear of a W221 S class with the hydraulic Jack, to enable me to place the stands under the jacking points, thanks
  2. Stratman

    99 points anyone?

    Driver accumulates 99 points on his licence
  3. Gaz-M

    VITO W447- New Van Points, and Some Mods Advice..?

    After buying my new Vito 116 a few months ago Im still loving it. A few minor things Ive noticed though and wondered if any other owners have the same thing... 1: I get a static shock nearly every time I get out the van- very obvious! 2: Whirring noise from brakes if braking hard at...
  4. brucemillar

    W124 300te 4-Matic Grease points?

    Folks Does anybody have a diagram/picture of the underbody/drivetrain grease points on W124 300te 4-Matic please? Also any pointers to any specific grease that can be used or should not be used. Thank you. Bruce
  5. Bazfaldo

    CLK55 W209 Ground points

    Hi All, I have been cleaning up my ground wire connectors as part of general maintenance. I have replaced the main battery ground cable and the cable that connects the chassis to the steering pump. I see there are some other ground cables that bolt onto the inner wings and by the fuse box. I...
  6. PXW

    EV charging points

    Looking for a bit of collective wisdom. I've been tasked with getting an EV charging point installed at the office - bit of green credentials, also we have quite a number of people whose journeys to and from work might be suitable in range terms, plus we are a European HQ building so it's...
  7. HotJambalaya

    A couple of points on the 'visual health check'

    Just got sent the link to the visual health check and they've raised a couple of points, mostly filler but I'm wondering about a couple of bits. 1) Front brake pads 70% worn. ok? so when are they usually changed? Seems very worn considering I only have 28k miles on the car? 2) Inside of the...
  8. E

    Jump lead points on E Class estate 1999

    Hi everyone Really silly question for all you experts, so please forgive me! I have a 1999 e200 estate. My wife has a golf which has recently been sat on the drive for a while and the battery has gone flat. I have never had to jump start my merc or the golf before, so when I tried I saw the...
  9. KennyN

    CLS 219 jacking points ?

    As my car is now outwith its warranty period , I am anticipating having to carry out some repair work (brakes / suspension etc.) that involves lifting the car. As I am new to MB ownership I believe that there are specific jacking points under the car to allow the use of a trolley jack. In order...
  10. I

    Re insuring car - points v driving course

    I was really annoyed today doing the reinsurance of my car that Admiral and a few others insist on being told about attending driver awareness courses in lieu of points. This wasn't 'the deal'. The admiral insurance jumped 25% on disclosure of a 2yr old speed awareness (35 in 30 as...
  11. optimusprime

    jacking points

    Now is the time to start an my jacking points .Can i ask if anyone as used items from UK and if so whats the part number and from where did you get them .Or is there any other item i can use to slot around the hole. I know i can weld in a washer 60 mm diameter .
  12. travelininstyle

    Shell Drivers Club Points - have you had problems ?

    Our local Garage recently converted from a Shell Forecourt to a Texaco Forecourt.Prior to this I collected fuel points on my Shell Drivers Club Card - to be honest,I was never over enthusiastic about the points - they seemed mean - but the Garage offered its own 3p/4p off a litre coupons so I...
  13. E

    w204 saloon roof bar mount points are standard or not?

    If this sounds like a daft question from a noob it's because it is. Are the fixed roof bar mount points on the w204 saloon cars, e.g. the C220 standard or options? I have checked various Mercedes brochures but don't have a definitive answer yet.
  14. S

    10 man points to whoever identifies this car!

    Anyone know what this is? Spotted on A127, Southend On Sea, Essex
  15. J

    Is there jacking points ?

    Hi new owner of a C220 cdi -14 is there jacking points under the car where to lift the car
  16. L

    Safe axle stand points on an SL 55 r230?

    Hi, I know that you jack on the rubber mounts, however for the 4x wheel refurb, it needs to be dropped onto axle stands, therefore can't use the rubber jack points as the jack will be on them to lift it, where can one use axle stands on these cars safety please? thanks Laurie:D
  17. RKC-benz

    W124 estate cladding removal and jacking points

    It was always the plan to take off the lower cladding on my white W124. We would be looking for damage to the door surfaces where the cladding rubs and for jacking point condition. Today it was started and the news is half and half. The overall impression was of dirt behind there making the car...
  18. L

    W202 - Axle stands under all four jack points

    Just a quick one... Is it considered safe to to put the car on four axle stands, one under each rubber jack point? I have two trolley jacks and a total of 8 axle stands kicking about. I just want to check my method seems ok on the W202.. 1. Jack up the front using the cross member type...
  19. D

    Sunroof - greasing points?

    Afternoon all After not having used it since about October went to power back the sun roof on my W203 Coupe yesterday and found it to be really slow and sluggish. Although got it fully open thought better to close it again in case failed totally in open position. Sunroof motor sounds ok so...
  20. brucemillar

    54 Points and counting. Wooh Hoo. Must have an abacus for license

    Herne Bay motorist Keith Baldock driving legally with 54 points on his licence after avoiding ban at Canterbury Crown Court Comments | 38 by Paul Hooper [email protected] A thieving motorist is driving around Herne Bay with a...
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