1. T

    Posh Pawn

    I watched the above programme the other night and some guy on there wanted to sell his Mercedes SL 500 R230, and he wanted £8000 for it, it was 2005 with low mileage, the pawn broker wanted to give him £7000 but in the end gave him what he what asked for £8000, does seem a bit cheap for a 2005...
  2. merc85

    Top Gear, Proper car vs Beetle n posh fiat

    Heads up TOP GEAR BBC three Proper car vs beetle and a posh fiat lol
  3. N

    How Posh Are You?

    How posh are you? - Telegraph
  4. MercedesDriver

    Posh or not?

  5. janner

    L306D motor caravan

    Not Ebay... Something a bit different 1975 Mercedes-Benz L306D Motor Caravan Auction - Classic Car Auctions & Sale - H&H
  6. K

    Posh steering wheel wanted for 95 w124

    Folks - it's a '95 w124 estate with fawn leather and walnut trim, but a let down standard placky steering wheel. Any affordable suggestions that would allow me to keep the airbag? TIA.
  7. Beno

    Now I know I'm posh

    How posh am I? just had this stroll into my close.
  8. D

    Posh Childs car seat

    I've been looking around for a cool booster seat for my 7- year old daughter. Her Princess Disney one is a bit too pink for her now. I am only looking for the lower part not the back rest. There doesn't seem to be anything interesting on the market. I am thinking about taking it to the...
  9. E CLASS

    What time is it Posh Becks?

    Said with a sea faring accent - Its 'Harper Seven'! Get it?!
  10. spock500

    Are folks too posh now??

    Are folks too posh now to wash their own cars? I cant help wondering this as I never see anyone on my estate out with a bucket and sponge - what happened to kids raising pocket money doing a car wash round? The one exception to this is my neighbour but other than that we are in the Twilight...
  11. J

    Posh key fob

    Anyone know where I can get one of the fancy chrome key fobs for my 03 CL ? Don't necessarily need the innards, just the nice outer bit if such a thing is available ? Cheers Jonny
  12. Gucci

    Posh nearly ran over my girlfriend!

    Apparently, in Pimlico London, Mrs Beckham was driving a Bentley Continental convertible. My girlfriend was walking across the road...and posh nearly ran her over...she was on a mobile!!! :crazy: If that was me, I'd have dived onto the bonnet and taken some hush money :devil: (lots of it)
  13. Iyse

    Posh Noodle Rules

    Yeah baby.
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