1. D

    Member experiences of online gap insurance providers

    Hi All Have put a deposit down on a 4 year old approved used W212 and one of the questions I'll get asked is if I want gap insurance which I do want, I've seen other companies online providing this cover, just wanted to see if any members here have used them with success? Do not want to buy...
  2. John

    IaaS providers.

    Anyone have any experience with regard to IaaS providers specifically MS Azure and Rackspace (not including RS offering Azure)? The consensus seems to be Azure is better but I know sometimes what you find on the Internet is not 'real life' if you know what I mean!
  3. H

    ISP providers with wifi

    Sorry to have two queries at once -but not had any before. If I get a laptop for my daughter, who lives in London in rented rooms without a landline, if it is wi-fi can she use it in McDonalds, and other places with wi-fi links without having an Internet Service provider. I use AOL for...
  4. Tan

    Mobile Phone providers

    Hi I remember at least one of our members was a reseller of mobile phones. My company works in the hosted services sphere and we are looking for a provider of mobile 3G cards to provide to our clients with our hosted server solution. Best regards Tan
  5. U

    Interent Providers (advise please)

    I have been feeling a little upset re with my current internet provider - which is Virgin Media, i am paying £19.99 p/m for 2meg BB. Till the other day i see an advert for their new customers they are offering 2meg BB for £4.50 for the first 3 months and then £9 there on after. But what did me...
  6. drifting

    Nokia 6310 Unlock? Want to change providers?

    May be of use to someone, but I have finally given up on Orange after 16 years of poor service coverage, going to try Vodaphone as I believe they have the best coverage? Anyway, you may find this site useful for unlocking your phone from Orange, or any of the others for that matter...
  7. BaldGuy

    ADSL Providers

    Advice please guys.... I have been with Pipex for 3 years now and it has only just been upgraded to 1.1mb.... The service is awful and I want a change... I'm looking for unlimited everything to include connection and a modem for around £25 per month.... Any ideas?????
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