1. The _Don

    New 285 30 19 michelin ps2 bargain price.

    Dot - 2012.
  2. D

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245 40 ZR18 93Y

    I have replaced both front tyres on my car due to one having an egg in the sidewall so have one part-worn spare. The tread is 4-5mm accross the tread but I will say 4mm to be on the safe side. There is a bit more wear to one edge (see photos). No sidewall damage nor puncture repairs. These...
  3. J

    CL55 tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

    Rear has approx 3mm tread 275 35 19 Front has approx 6mm tread 245 40 19 Both in excellent condition - taking up space in the garage so not looking for mega bucks but far too good to ditch. Could get around £130 on ebay without too much trouble, but email me with a sensible offer and...
  4. Baron_Samedi

    Do the Michelin PS2...

    Tyres give a performance / wear premium that makes spending another £60 a corner worthwhile? I can buy Falken 452 for say, £91 fitted. The same guy will fit Michelin PS2 for £150 a corner. Given that I don't speed, but like to corner enthusiastically, is the Michelin going to perform that...
  5. BaldGuy

    PS2 & PS3 Games For Sale

    PS2 MX World Tour - Complete with book G Surfers - Complete with Book PS3 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - Game of the Year Edition - Complete with book Offers please
  6. smillion

    36 PS2 games and 14 Sony PSP games on ebay

    For anyone that may be interested: Marc
  7. Wil

    2 x Michelin PS2 245/40/17

    Sold my car so no use for them now, details on the link Regards Wil
  8. smillion

    PS2 games - g'teed next day delivery

    All £8 each plus postage Midnight Club Street Racing Spiderman Need for Speed Underground 2 Big Mutha Truckers 2 Simpsons Road Rage Jetski Riders L A Rush PM me :D
  9. L

    PS2 with games

    LOADS on ebay but just wondered if anyone on here was getting shot of one?? Cheers M
  10. pammy

    PS2 stopping playing dvds

    Me laddo's PS2 has started to stop playing dvds. It will play the odd one or two, but won't play some that it used to quite happily. Bought Eragon today and it doesn't want to know. Plays all its games OK. Any thoughts? It's the orig PS2 not the slimline model.
  11. stats007

    Brand New PS2 / PSP Games

    I have a few games to sell - all brand new sealed UK PAL versions - ideal christmas presents! £20 each including postage (£35 for 2). PS2: Ace Combat - The Belkan War B-Boy Ape Escape 3 Lemmings Urban Reign PSP: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  12. S

    Tourist Trophy (PS2) - GT4 with bikes?

    Anyone seen this latest offering from Polyphony Digital - (Stats007???) Due out at the end of the month... Looks like it could be a blast (until GT5 comes out with a mixture of cars and bikes in full hi-def glory).
  13. stats007

    New PS2 Games

    I have the following PS2 games for sale - all brand new and sealed PAL versions. 24: The Game Shadow of the Colossus (Collector's Edition) Ratchet: Gladiator Urban Reign Soulcalibur III Jak X All £20 each (postage £1.50 Recorded each) Thanks,
  14. stats007

    A few PSP / PS2 games

    I have a few brand new games on eBay if anyone is interested: World Tour Soccer PSP Ico PS2 Shadow of the Colossus PS2 Edit: All sold.
  15. BTB 500

    "Black" on PS2

    Anybody else playing this? Fantastic game, my only comment would be that the levels are huge and you can only save at the end ... bit of a problem if you want a quick fix before bed - I was up till 3AM both Saturday and Sunday mornings! I've not figured out the checkpointing either. You...
  16. stats007

    Toca 3 Ps2

    If anyone is into driving games then I can recommend this. Huge depth and variety of vehicles and a change from GT4. :bannana:
  17. Mozzer

    PS2 linked to Laptop

    Does anyone know whether I can use the USB port on the front of my PS2 and link my laptop to it and use that as the display so that wifey can watch Emmerdale on the TV whilst I just hook my laptop up and use that to play Tiger Woods on ? Cheers Stuart
  18. stats007

    PS2 & PSP games

    I have a few brand new games on eBay if anyone is interested: Now Sold
  19. abbos

    PS2 Installation

    Evening all, I need some ideas please people. I have a screen and some cool stuff coming soon and I'm going to install a PS2 for DVD and gaming usage. Problem is I don't really want to mount it in the boot and do not want it on show in the car. I have come up with two places but need to...
  20. pammy

    PS2 Game - Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires

    The wee fella is getting majorly upset as we cannot get hold of this game for him. Nowhere in town has it, only website that reckons to have it is - but their service isn't working and looking at their feedback - not sure I'd trust them. Amazon are saying usually dispatched in 1...
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