1. L

    420SE M116965 belt pulleys

    Last night I had a crazy failure of belt pulleys. The viscous fan hub is getting noisy so I took it off to see if I could fix it (can't, but that's another story). Now, that's held on by the same 4 bolts that also hold the pressed-steel pulley on the water pump, as far as I can tell...
  2. N

    SLK squeak from engine pulleys

    Does anyone know if the likes of Gates do an idler pulley / tensioner kit for the 2.3 supercharged engine? I changed both belts as they were looking pretty cracked but I still have the squeaking noise, sounds bearing related to me.
  3. Blinked

    55 AMG, are ASP pulleys good?

    I have a notorious worn supercharger belt tensioner. Are the asp ones any good and does anyone stock them in the uk?
  4. P

    55 Kompressor pulleys needed. Anyone know any good companies?

    The pulleys on my 55 Kompressor are knackered and in need of replacement as they're sounding awful. I heard its a common problem with these cars. I need the idler, tensioner and twin guide pulleys. Obviously Ebay has some parts but I'm sceptical incase they're Chinese rubbish. Eurocarparts...
  5. ACID

    M113 Crank Pulleys @ MSL

    We have decided to Give everyone options to whether change the crank pulley or the Super Charger pulleys for more boost. Here are a few pics of the New Pulley Designed by weistec Engineering.
  6. MWCLS

    CLS squeak noise at idle

    Hi, Had the car serviced at MB 6 weeks ago and I haven't really driven it since what with the crappie weather plus I have a co car. I started the car today and noticed a squeak noise coming from the V belt area, without thinking and checking the pulleys were all turning etc i just sprayed a very...
  7. astamir

    Bigger pulleys

    Hi guys does anyone knows what the bigger pulley gives to a car? Thanks
  8. M

    Rust on pulleys

    Hi I have rust on my pulleys, anybody know a good product to halt the rust
  9. P

    W211 A/C Compressor and Steering Pump Pulleys

    Hi, Anyone know if it is possible to replace the pulleys on the A/C compressor and Power Steering pump on an E320CDI. The plastic pulleys were shattered by a broken V belt, during a recent front end accident and as both units appear undamaged otherwise, it seems an unwarranted expense and...
  10. A

    C230 Kompressor Pulleys and tuning options

    Hi guys, Right i've been doing a bit of research on how to gain some power out of the 230k without it being too risky and i may have found a solution (although its slightly pricey, its still a solution!). I've had a nice long chat with a fella from Angel Tuning (which tudu directed me to...
  11. M

    Possible source for EATON / Kompressor pulley pulleys.

    I spoke with the Asia / Pacific source of EATON (Mercedes Benz uses it) superchargers today. They can source any pulley for any supercharger. All they need is the MB OEM number stamped on the unit by EATON and some idea how small you want to go. Its about 6 or 8 digits and is not a MB...
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