1. optimusprime

    puzzle W124 inside door.

    Can any W124 owner tell me what this is .Need to know urgent. it was found inside rear passengers door. It fits in there some place to stop the water draining in to the car and ending up on kick plate. :wallbash:See picture.
  2. O

    A 5 year puzzle solved

    Having just had my first experience of Prestige Car Service, I'll be posting my own positive comments but here's a 5 year puzzle that Graham at Prestige solved in a flash. Five or so years ago Mercedes Solihull replaced the rear springs on my vehicle (a C220 CDi Sports Coupe with the Evolution...
  3. B

    It's a puzzle...

    The problem in brief. S320 diesel (07 plate) with Brabus gubbins (factory fitted) will behave perfectly until I use about half throttle when it throws all the toys out of the pram and goes into limp mode. MB independent have no idea, I have even less. Things checked so far after STAR reported...

    Petrol puzzle?

    After running on cheap petrol for the past 2 years I changed to the expensive stuff and now I find a drop in performance. I ran the tank down to near empty and used a bottle of Comma Detox for enhancing performance etc. I than tanked up with the higher octane and ran it as normal, y'know...
  5. S

    Vito puzzle- can anyone help please?

    My 2002 Vito 108cdi began to refuse to start occasionally when hot over 6 months ago. I took it to a fuel injection specialist after the local garage couldn't help and they checked the injectors and rail pressure and found no problems. They did bring up code 1354 snc camshaft to crankshaft. I...
  6. L

    Mobile Phone Puzzle

    Recently I have had a number of missed calls on my mobile. When I phoned the numbers back, I get a message saying 'The number you have dialled is not in service' . How do these callers use a mobile number which if you phone, you are told the no is not in service?
  7. J

    Soft top squeaks puzzling me.

    My W124 Cabriolet on the whole is in great shape, so much so that little rattles and squeaks are very noticeable in what is quite a quiet cabin for a soft top. There are a couple of annoying squeaks and rattles that chirp up on uneven roads and potholes which I attempted to deal with using...
  8. developer

    A Little Construction Puzzle

    What's going on here?
  9. R

    Air con puzzle

    I have just fitted a new expansion valve, receiver drier and rad to my air con system, I have had it gassed at kwik fit (might be the problem), when the air con is on its not freezing cold enough to cool the cab (bearing in mind I have a bulkhead), but it does blow cool. When observing it all...
  10. GordonTarling

    S211 servicing puzzle

    I bought my current car (S211) in March last year. At time of purchase, it had 11000 miles on it and it was exactly a year old. Its first service (A) was performed the day before I collected it. Since then, I've done another 7000 miles, so it's now showing 18,000 miles. 4 days ago, it...
  11. R

    A-Class Tyre Puzzle

    In my thirst for knowledge (now sadly diminishing with advancing years) I have been trying to get to the bottom of a curious difference between my former A Class (A150 Classic SE 2007) and my new one (A-Class A160 Avantgarde SE Blue Efficiency 2010). As follows : Old: 15" steel wheels...
  12. T

    E320 2001 - Fog Lights puzzle?

    I'm kinda new around here and have been enjoying reading all these threads today, some of which have solved some mysteries, so I thought I'd join in. Just acquired a 2001 E320 CDI Estate (by the way, what 'W' is it - I had a C180 previously and never did crack the magic Mercedes Model code...
  13. D


    Who know the answer to this trivial problem? If I forgot to plug in the mouse or keyboard on a PC before it boots up, it won't recognise the mouse or keyboard, until the next reboot. However on a laptop there is no problem on belated plug in either the external mouse or keyboard after it...
  14. crockers

    A Puzzle for you............

    Two vehicles are travelling along the Motorway, one in lane two and one in lane three. The vehicle in lane two is travelling at 70 mph The vehicle in lane three is travelling at 100mph At a given point the vehicles are alongside one another. At this point they both have stop because of an...
  15. spock500

    W202 rear suspension puzzle

    Hi all, Went to change my rear shocks today after noticing a small oil puddle which looked like tranny fluid under the spring/shock area. When I took the wheel off I saw this: I immediatley checked inside the boot (trunk) to see if anything had leaked through but nothing that I could...
  16. PJH

    Fido Puzzle

    Click Fido to proceed
  17. H

    Wheel Puzzle!!

    Hi guys - can you tell me if the following wheels were available as genuine MB please? I have been told that both the 5 spoke and the 6 spoke are genuine but Im not sure: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7931616211 (i know the auction is over)...
  18. A

    Blonde puzzle?

    Sorry Guys (and very sorry (blonde) Gals) The jigsaw puzzle. A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it started." Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's...
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