1. Felstmiester

    C63 remap throttle position question

    Anyone with a c63, a eurocharged map and a obd Bluetooth scanner? If so do you know the percentage the throttles open after the map? Compared to what they open standard. Reason I ask is mine is mapped but not a eurocharged map. I would like to see if there is much difference in how much my map...
  2. B

    dechroming question

    I'm going to get my C63 dechromed. but for the guys that already had this done... Do they need to remove your headliner to deinstall the roofbars? Or did they just wrap your roofbars while still on the car? Or can you get those roofbars off without needing to loosen the headliner?
  3. W

    R230 (SL350) Boot Lid Gas Strut Question

    Hi, I have an issue where the Boot Lid on my SL350 will not stay open, but continually falls on my head - I need to replace the Boot Lid Gas Struts where they even have their Part Number conveniently written on them (Q7 A230 750 0036). My question concerns the fact that I have (in error)...
  4. Carrsey

    E280cdi Air Filter question..

    Have I imagined it or did I read when changing the air filters does it need something resetting / STAR machine.. 2006 / 56 (facelift) E280cdi.
  5. jacksona

    To remap, or not to remap, that is the question...

    Hi All, 2009 W219 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition, so Brabus D6 already fitted & 272bhp. Question is, do I go for a remap, and if so, which one and who from? Been looking at the Celtic Tuning Stage 1 Map (+35bhp & +80lb/ft), but I'm in two minds over whether a mobile service is the way to go...
  6. E

    Newbie Intro. And A Question

    Hello everyone. A reasonably long mb owner here. Had G Wagens for maybe the past 10 or 12 yrs. with a W124 thrown in there for a while. Current G Wagen is a 463lwb with a 606 swap. We've had this one for around 8 years and it's no show car but is used for its intended purpose, plus a few...
  7. J

    2005 3.0 V6 CDI Quick Question

    Hi, Main metal hose from turbo to intercooler on W211 3.0 V6. O ring or no O ring at turbo end? Thanks Jon
  8. brucemillar

    Bank Transfer Question?

    Folks I am buying watch tomorrow from a dealer (price agreed subject to viewing) Now ideally he wants (so do I) a bank transfer. How can I get this done quickly/instantly? Ideally I would like to view the watch and arrange the transfer there and then to avoid any awkward hanging around...
  9. Jimbo147

    Hypothetical speed question

    If I, hypothetically speaking, was driving in a country with no speed limits and was able to achieve 308kph easily, with three passengers and a boot full of luggage, running on only 95 ron, fuel would 200 mph be possible? The car in question would be a facelift 2012 remapped c63. I am aware that...
  10. jotter22

    Clk 209 rear light question.

    Good evening to you all, I have had a message appear on my display,rear right tail light inoperative (or something like that) my question is do i need a single filament or double filament bulb/s what is the bulb position? (as a stand in bulb apparently takes over) and are they an easy change...
  11. John

    Property rental question.

    So I have a colleague at work who rents a place. He had a year contract and this is coming to an end. The agency are requesting a new contract and are charging an admin fee of £200 with an additional rent price of £25 per month on top of the existing rent. I would guess this is a...
  12. T

    CLS GRAND EDITION - 219 question

    grateful for any help on this please. As I understand it there were 550 or 560 CLS Grand Edition models available, and I am trying to find out if the chassis numbers for these cars were sequenced at all, as in some other limited edition model runs, any body help or point me in the right...
  13. S

    Question On Residuals...C Class Saloon vs Coupe`?

    Question On Residuals...C Class Saloon vs Coupe` Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me a little advice I have an order for a new C 250d AMG line *Saloon* Polar White,Upgrade 19'' AMG Alloys, Premium Plus Pack, Drive Assist Pack, Intelligent LED Upgrade Headlights, 360 Camera...
  14. S

    Question Regarding 9 speed Auto W205

    Hi there, Upcoming new owner of a c250d, noticed that the c class coupe' has the new 9 speed auto box, I have a factory order c class 250d saloon amg line due for april 2016 (believe its march build not sure) my question is will it come with the newer 9speed box or the current 7 speed? p.s UK...
  15. B

    parking sensors question

    Hi the parking sensors on my newly bought w163 ml 270 dont work, is there any way of testing the sensors as im told that one faulty one can cause them not to work. Thanks in advance
  16. flying haggis

    quick question

    i polished my car with Autoglym SRP then finished with Autoglym extra gloss protection. when i repolish, do i use srp then gloss protection again or a different regime altogether
  17. Alienator

    Mercedes ML W164 2008 Tpms question

    Hi all I just put on set 4x winter tyres on my ML with 4 genuine Mercedes second hand TPMS but not showing any info about tyre pressure.When I checked my VIN was showing there is TMPS sensor in my car.I done something wrong or I have to activate something(reset,plug in STAR,etc,..)??? Never...
  18. A

    Newby question on Bluetooth/iPhone/music

    Hi all, New member from Yorkshire/Notts I'm Pleased as punch with my MY07 CLK350 cab!p, but a little confused with my options re above. I'm wanting to ideally Bluetooth calls and music with my phone tucked away and having access to menus etc, this is my set up so far: So, I have the...
  19. M

    Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) Question - M111.920 Engine

    Hi all, Just wanted to do a quick fact finding poll especially with M111 engine owners regarding your fuel rail setup, specifically the fuel pressure regulators. I own a 1995 W202 C180 Elegance with the M111.920 engine, with MPS (Manifold Pressure System is what that is I believe) and no MAF...
  20. P

    Foglight mod question

    Hi guys, hope someone can help with a relatively simple question... I'm partial to a little tinkering with my w219 CLS but I don't want to start pulling things apart if someone else has already had a go and can advise. I'm considering a little mod on my foglights, replacing the original...
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