1. T

    Question on 360 degree cameras

    When I put my W205 C-Class in to reverse, the camera feeds on to the COMAND screen so I can see the guidelines and the image behind etc. Is this just a reverse parking camera? And is the 360 degree camera a completely separate option that my car just doesn't have? If so does anyone know the...
  2. Gbrowncls55

    NTG1 command question

    I have a 2006 cls (c219) with full command (NTG 1) and Harmon Cardon. This seems to be the same system I had in my 2004 w211 E500. However for all the audio functions (radio/cd/dvd) I only have the ability to balance the sound left to right. there is no facility for a fader front to rear...
  3. S

    W204 Comand Question

    Hi All. I recently added a DAB kit to my stereo and removed the head unit so that I could get to an ignition live. The problem is I have put it back together and now the heated seats and parking sensor buttons do not work. I reconnected 3 leads to the airvents. Can anyone assist me? I...
  4. Druk

    Safari question.

    Nothing to do with hefalumps...or tiggers. Couple of months ago I managed to enable the facility whereby clicking on a URL on an open page doesn't delete the original (page) but transfers it to a tab on the task bar. After the latest update that has reverted to losing the original...
  5. Harrythedog

    Question for the Auto Leccys

    I've just purchased a new Ford Transit van and have fitted a split charge relay fto charge 2 leisure batteries. However the batteries aren't charging. I've the same setup on other vans and it works perfectly. It appears that the main battery is only getting charged when it's less than full...
  6. S

    OM642 turbo intake (batwing) question.

    Hi, does anyone have an idea if the plastic batwing on the OM642 engine (W211 E280cdi) can be bought in sections? I have a crack in mine on the cylindrical section which clamps to the turbo and houses the oil breather pipe. The rest of it is perfect. It seems a shame to throw out a perfectly...
  7. C

    Facelift A45 exhaust question

    Had a pre-facelift A45 and retrofitted the AMG exhaust which was 'on all the time', I removed the exhaust prior to sale and replaced it with the original. I now have Facelift A45 which I thought came with performance exhaust as standard?? I've Googled where the switchable control button is...
  8. W

    centre head rest question for T model estate

    I feel quite dumb to ask this but I have searched high and low for the answer. I have the haynes manual also not mentioned. I have a c200 2001 year AMG w203 T model estate. I live in Malaysia but it is a UK import. I want to fit seat covers in it but I cannot see how to raise and remove the...
  9. tron

    S202: not the usual question...

    Does the tailgate of an S202 fit into an S202? I am hoping to buy one that is a little less biodegraded and want to bring it back to base!
  10. V

    Comand or Not Comand, that is the question?

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the sat nav/audio system in my W204 2011 facelift c class. In order to fit any extras like a reversing camera or map updates etc, I need to know what I'm starting with and what options are available withing a reasonable price scale. Could anyone enlighten me please...
  11. D

    New to Mercedes....for 5 days! Question.

    Hello all, New owner of a CLS. Absolutely love(d) it. I had owned it for 3 days before getting rear end whilst stationary, shunted into the car in front at about 50mph!! I have been offered a fair amount by the insurance and I will look to get another as soon as possible. My question is...
  12. 1

    Filter question

    I know this has probably been asked previously, but has anyone replaced the filter in the power steering system. I can't find out if and when it should be changed, if at all. How often do you change the fluid? Nothing wrong with the steering, just doing preventative maintainance. Thanks...
  13. B

    High beam headlight question

    With the headlights set to auto, and the stalk pushed away, the high beam icon with the 'A' lights up on the dash to show that the car is deciding when to turn high beam on. But can anyone confirm that it will only turn on high beam if you're doing more than 30mph? This seems to be the case...
  14. T

    Sl55 amg turbine alloys question

    Hi, I'm looking for some help for a friend of mine, he has just bought an SL55 AMG 2004, he's bought it with some 18"AMG alloys on which are genuine but they are not the turbine alloys, he wants to put turbine's on but he's not sure if the turbine alloys were 18" as standard or 19", hope some of...
  15. S

    A noob e280 question (internal fan controls)

    Could any one explain to me the internal fan directional controls, I cant work them out, all cars I've had have had pictures of the driver then air flow to face, legs or face and legs, this has air flow all around the body even from behind, well I presume the button with the driver icon and the...
  16. Londonscottish

    Question about wheel bolts

    Hi I'm about to fit some E Class Sport 18's to replace the existing Avantgarde 17's. Does anyone have any idea if I can re-use my existing bolts?
  17. M

    Newbie with sat nav question

    Hi all, my first question on here so here goes. I'm looking to update my sat nav on my 2014 c220. I've priced it up with MB and also with command online, but the prices are miles apart. One is offering the discs cheaper and the other is offering the code a lot cheaper! Can I buy the discs...
  18. Y

    Simple question

    Hi all, First post very simple question embarrassed to ask but.I have a mercedes sl r230 its a five speed auto.Now when i go into manual how should the gears show on the dash is it 1-2-3-4-5...or is it 1-2-3-4-D ..had a limphome mode up radiator changed topped up transmission oil all error...
  19. T

    2007 W211 parking brake question

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if access to the parking brake cable" junction" (for want of a better description) on my car is under the rear seat or would I have to access it from under the car. Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    Question about paint colour

    Hi, I've got the 350SL bug. I have seen a few of them in a lovely bluish silver. Anyone know the name of the colour?
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