1. J

    What am I missing here: Audio 10 query

    I have the Audio 10 unit in my w210 e320. At some point the Traffic Announcement system in the radio has been switched on, meaning that the radio will automatically switch to a traffic announcements on another station at certain times and will cut in and out as it is (presumably) seeking said...
  2. G

    E210 Becker Audio 10 RDS

    My 2001 E320 is fitted with above radio + CD changer...anyone know if there is an upgrade that allows RT (RadioText..) info to show.....ie artist & title....which is what DAB does but is not DAB radio....or do I need to change?
  3. Preeces

    Radio Audio 10 with RDS Code

    Hi there, I have a ML270 CDI on a 51 plate and just had the battery replaced and now need a code for the radio, unfortunately there is no card with the code. I can't get the radio serial number but my VIN is WDC1631132X752370, I'm hoping someone can help. Many Thanks Stephen
  4. dyver

    RDS FM / dashboard

    Hi All and thanks in advance. Just a question before I plug it in, have recently had to have a new dashboard installed due to led light failure, had my ipod plugged into the fm transmitter at the time, had a new dash installed and had problems with the trip computer display going all 'the...
  5. W

    Audio10 RDS Cassette won't play traffic bulletins

    I've got an audio 10 RDS with cassette deck and CD changer. The problem is that I cannot get it to play traffic bulletins. I know they only work on the FM waveband. I have the radio tuned in to several BBC local radio stations and they all have good reception. All the buttons seem to work...
  6. C

    registration - C16 RDS - Anyone own this before?

    Just a long shot!, might be its new owner on Saturday and wondered if the previous owner was on here before they sold it? Its a 1990 300 CE 24 valve Coupe in Dark Grey with black leather interior. Cheers Simon
  7. Goldfish11

    How to cancel RDS Traffic Announcements using Multi function steering wheel

    I have owned my EClass for 4 years and have just discovered this :bannana: I was getting really frustrated as it seemed mad that if you got an RDS TA traffic announcement you could not cancel it from the Multi Function wheel you have to reach over and press any button on the Comand Unit...
  8. C

    RDS on car radio

    Could someone tell me without having to rake through the car radio manual how to knock off RDS which is causing me grief, think this gives out local traffic reports or something along those lines, but I have never heard this yet. The problem I have is with local stations, it moves to another...
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