1. R

    How much do you reckon I'd get for my E63 S?

    I've got a 2014 E63 S in hyacinth red which has done just under 17000 miles. It's a great car obviously but it just sits on my drive most days as I only use it for the commute to work which given the nature of my job is only three or four times a month at this time of year (good job I'm...
  2. A160DSB

    I reckon you lot should come to Southend!

    Change of scenery, and as the sea front has just had it's face lift, I think it's time for you lot to grace it's newly laid roads with you lovely little (and in most cases, large) Mercedes :D Lets put a date of Saturday 28th. I don't think its Chav night down there on the 28th, but date can...
  3. R

    Reckon I could get a double mattress in the back of a W208?

    With the seats folded down, do you think it would be possible to get a double mattress into the back of my W208? Anyone managed/attempted this? Cheers
  4. SilverSaloon

    S500L - what do you reckon? worth a punt?

    2001 MERCEDES S500 L TOP SPEC AUTO LEATHER MASSAGER on eBay (end time 29-Sep-09 13:23:58 BST) :thumb:
  5. Goldman555

    Do you reckon these are fakes.... If it sounds too good to be true .......etc
  6. NW_Merc

    How much do you reckon his reserve is? I'd buy that but just for the body kit
  7. Nik_Endeavour

    190E 2.5-16v Cosworth - What do you reckon? What do you reckon?
  8. KLP 92

    What do you reckon to these wheels on a W202?

    What do you reckon of these wheels on a W202? They are the original Carat Dutchalet wheels which i recently acquired. I refurbed them with intentions to sell them but am thinking about putting them onto my W202 which has the standard W202 6 spoke sport wheels on it at the moment.
  9. SilverSaloon

    Do you reckon they will pay under warranty?

    hi (this is all for my BMW by the way... (sorry!) My manufacturers 3 year warranty ended on 23rd May 06. On 27th May the radar cruise control failed, so i phoned the dealer & booked it in. They say its a sensor fault and cost is £2500 !!!! do u reckon i should kick up a stink to get...
  10. Mambo

    How much you reckon....

    ... I could get for my C43? I've seen something I NEED! :D...
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