1. M

    FLAC Audio in Music Register Command

    Hi does anyone know if the new burmeister and command system can play audio files in FLAC via the uploading into the Music Register 10GB it could be my conversion and settings are not correct for setting the quality of file conversion ... car is C Class C300 A205 August 2017 convertible premium...
  2. gr1nch

    S W222 Owners Register

    Kicking this off, but if it's been done before, my apologies, it didn't appear in my searches. There are at least a few W222 owners here I'm sure. These lovely cars will be getting more popular and affordable as times roll on of course, so no harm on starting this now, right? 1. 2017 S350d...
  3. N_Jepson

    Q: W213 E-Class Media Register HDD

    Apologies if this has been answered before (I did search the forum). I've recently taken delivery of a W213 E Class with the latest comand with but for life of me I cannot see the option (or how to) copy MP3 from a USB stick to the HDD part of the Media Register. The dealer has said it is...
  4. Stewart1001

    C63 AMG Music Register

    Is it possible to record directly off a CD to the music register? On the face of it, after trying several times, it appears not to be - it seems you have to create either another CD with the music files already in MP3 or other compatible for
  5. Palfrem

    Can any Mods help this potential new member register please?

    Mercedes forums? - Page 1 - Mercedes - PistonHeads Thanks
  6. John

    CL W216 Owners Register.

    I can see a tumbleweed already but in light of the W215 register - I'm wondering how many there are on here... 1) JohnEBoy W216 500 2013/63 2) jr2007 W216 ? ?
  7. acej

    AMG GT owners register

    1. Acej - GT S Brilliant Blue
  8. M

    Music Register missing on COMAND ONLINE E Class 2015

    I've searched but can't find an answer to this. On my 2013 E Class, I had the Music Register and I copied MP3's across from an SD card (I think). It's now been replaced with a 2015 model and the COMAND is slightly different. Although I still have the media option, it only appears to offer...
  9. jhosk1981

    COMAND 4gb music register

    Hey guys, as I can see from the options list my car has a 4gb music register w209. Does anyone know how I go about loading music into it? Or am I misinterpreting this?
  10. C36fan

    Help with register a foreign car .

    Hi a friend of mine bought a lhd car here in UK ,the car was on diplomates plate and as a UK mot but it has the Italian v5 ,so what to do to register it in UK? Thanks in advance .:thumb: Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  11. sspeed

    CLK63 AMG Owners Register

    1. Rashman 2. sspeed Rashman I put you first because you have owned yours far longer than I have had mine... Mmmm I wonder if we shall be the only 2 ??
  12. AMGeed

    E55 Owners Register

    Well the 63's have their own thread, and the 215 CL's so why not an E55 one.:D There appears to be a lot of E55 owners using this forum. 1. AMGeed....2004 W211 E55K
  13. stwat

    W126 S-Class register forum down

    The S-Class register's forum has been down for 2 days now. Has anyone got a clue as to why?
  14. acej

    SL Owners register

    The number of SL's threads seem to be growing so I thought I would start an owners register. Member, Model, notes/mods 1 Acej - SL63 R231 tuning box 628BHP 840NM
  15. C43AMG

    CL W215 Owners Register.

    I've noticed we have quite a few 215's on the forum. 1, C43AMG W215 55AMG Kompressor
  16. developer

    E63 Owners Register

    Following on from BP's CLS register, and just for a bit of info/fun... 1. Developer S212 E63 6.2l 2010.
  17. P

    Music Register

    Is it possible to copy from the music register to a usb Changing cars and don't want to have find all the music again Thanks
  18. DSLiverpool

    Hard disc register in comand

    Pathetic, can you pop a cd in to rip - no, Anna's crappy dodge has no bother ripping cds but my technical master class Merc doesn't help it just says grey, no note asking for an mp3 or whatever cd just nothing - crap. Or am I missing something?
  19. retrodave111

    new years day register

    hi all, please post all your new year messages here, i have had a good night, happy new year to everyone, "boing said zebbedee time for bed" [magic roundabout if anyone remembers] i must be getting old
  20. C43AMG

    CL55K Register.

    Just wondered how many CL 55 Kompressors there are on the Forum ? Have noticed a few new members registering with them.
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