1. S

    Car Rejection Rights... This might help.

    New car rights: Can I reject my car? | Carbuyer Car makers have been keeping quiet about this for obvious reason. Long and short of it is new consumer laws have passed that make it far easier for buyers to get refunds, in the case of new cars if there is a mechanical fault within 3 months...
  2. Jay2512

    MB accept S205 rejection

    Well after 6 months of ownership, several visits to the dealer with no fix found I had little choice left but to exercise my right under sale of goods act that the car supplied was not to satisfactory quality. I was advised this morning that MB and supplying dealer accepted my position and have...
  3. un1l

    Rejection from MB Milton Keynes for Rust Order

    Now i am proper piss*d off, rang up Mercedes MK today and spoke to the customer care monkeys and they said a letter had been sent out today to me saying my car wouldn't be covered by goodwill. WHY???!?! - I do not know. He said it's because they only cover perforation, that is what is on my car...
  4. grasmere

    help please with email rejection header interpretation

    Hi, I am having trouble with my ISP and rejected emails. The issue is what the rejected email header is actually saying. Can anyone assist please with interpretation so I can kick the ISP up the proverbial :mad: thanks Below is the full content of the rejected reply . . . //////...
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