1. M

    Renntech A45 Tuning Box

    Mercedes RenntechTunning Box A45 A Class CLA45 GLA45 | eBay
  2. T

    Playing with my RENNtech!!

    Morning All, My car on the lowest setting. It still drives fine, no bottoming out, no tyre rub, no change in ride comfort!! Only problem is my mum thinks it looks like a drug dealers car!!! Dropped_1.jpg Photo by thefibreguy_photos | Photobucket
  3. BlackC55

    Renntech lowering modules X 2 available at silly low price!

    Ok so we have 2 Renntech lowering modules available here at PCS at a special price of £850 fitted... these retail at around £1300 for the unit alone. Suitable models include: S Class with ABC or airmatic: CL 215/216 : SL With ABC : E55 211 : CLS55 219 : SL63/65 : E63 : Most cars that have...
  4. S

    Renntech Lowering Module Help!

    Hi all! I had a few questions about the lowering module i am hoping someone can answer. I have just had the module fitted on my SL55 and wanted to know the following, as the instructions aren't very detailed at all... 1) When I set each individual suspension the same value, say for example...
  5. A

    Renntech lowering module plus tablet

  6. BlackC55

    Renntech lowering module.

    I am about to place an order for 3 of them tomorrow afternoon. Would anyone else like one? PM me if you do. :D:D
  7. A

    Renntech AMG 55 CARBON AIRBOXES and 82mm throttle body

    As per heading, for sale Renntech full carbon airboxes and 82mm throttle body. Bought from Renntech directly at a cost of well over 5000 dollars, invoice available. Excellent condtition with throttle body housings etc. Please follow the link for Renntech description. 82MM Throttle Body & Carbon...
  8. W

    Renntech V2 Lowering Module (fits most airmatic/ABC cars) £410 posted

    Hi all, We have for sale a Renntech V2 lowering module, that I bought from the forum group buy a year ago. I still haven't got it fitted so it looks like I'll never get around to fitting it, hence I'm selling it now. Not used. Only opened to check content. Link to fitting/usage...
  9. M

    Renntech Mercedes E63 4matic vs Lamborghini Huracan street race

    Loving the new twin turbo engines in the AMG cars. Street race featuring a Mercedes E63 4matic Renntech st.VIP vs the all new Lambo Huracan. 8 pictures and video .
  10. Mobb

    Renntech Boot & Wing Badges.. Brand New! Genuine!

    Brand new genuine Renntech boot badge and two fender/wing badges.. Very rare and hard to find... Especially brand new. £150 + P & P ONO Will be sent Royal Mail First Class, Signed For.
  11. C

    Installing Renntech Lowering module V2

    Anyone have any direct experience of installing one of these lowering modules on a car with ABC It looks reasonably straight forward although MBWorld had a thread where they said the instructions are misleading. Would rather do it myself if it's as straight forward as it looks, but if anyone...
  12. C

    Renntech lowering module remote control

    To the guys who have had the Renntech lowering module installed whereabouts did you locate the remote control? Particularly if you have an R230 SL?
  13. T

    Renntech Airbox or anything else

    Good evening, I am searching for a RennTech air box designed for M113 engines. Actually I am searching for anything which is better than the stock airbox. If anyone has one, just pm me or reply directly on the thread. Thank you very much :)
  14. T

    Airbox upgrade - AMG, Renntech, etc

    Good evening, I've been making some research on how to mod the W220 S500 air box. I found some threads talking about replacing the airbox with AMG, RennTech, etc airboxes. As per dyno sheets, they gained some HPs. What do you guys think of this mod? Thanks
  15. Silver CL55

    Questions for the RENNtech lowering module owners

    I just fitted a V2 to my W216 CL500, it works great but I don't see answers to the below questions anywhere. 1. I work away from home, car will be in a car park for 3 weeks at a time, any issues with power drainage? (Do I need to switch it off during this time period) 2. The "speed limiter...
  16. BlackC55

    RENNTech V2 lowering module for sale. MBClub offer!

    I have got only two modules left after ordering a bulk load. They retail at £1200 each plus fitting. I have them for just £750. They come with full fitting instructions if you wish to do it yourself. If you are not confident in fitting, them we can do it for you. Send me a PM or...
  17. Silver CL55

    Mini group buy of RENNtech V2 lowering module, sub £400. 1 place available 3 year warranty on the module, up from the usual 1 year. PM me if you want in
  18. Silver CL55

    Renntech V2 or V3 lowering module? And why?

    I'm looking at a Renntech lowering module, could members who have fitted either please comment on which is preferred. The module is actually made by programma. C.
  19. Abb

    Renntech lowering module

    As per title, missed out on group buy, so am on the hunt for a renntech lowering module. Thanks
  20. BenzedUP

    Renntech Carbon Fiber Airbox

    Up for grabs is my 2nd generation Renntech CB Airbox with brand new AMG air filters. It is immaculate condition, Use to take it out when the car goes for a service and put the standard box as I know the MB techs will start putting their tools on the airbox. As far as I know this will fit the...
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