1. S

    C63 Seat retrim

    My C63 front seats are starting to look a little tired on the bolsters so i wondered if anyone knows of a reputable company who could bring these seats back to their former glory in the Portsmouth area TIA
  2. S

    C63 Seat retrim

    My C63 front seats are starting to look a little tired on the bolsters so i wondered if anyone knows of a reputable company who could bring these seats back to their former glory in the Portsmouth area TIA
  3. Pathewolf

    Interior Wood Re-Trim

    I am not big fan of the wood interior of my W210 and I a thinking of changing it to Gloss/ Ebony black! Has anyone else changed their interior wood on W210 or a similar aged car? I have seen a 2002 CL with a black gloss finish and it looked really nice in my opinion! I am not sure about the...
  4. Borys

    Leather re-trim

    Spent hours on web looking for a service in Crawley Anyone can recommend a place? Need to re-do rear storage compartment in my CL
  5. TJR

    Plastic Dash Re-Trim

    Apologies if this is a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question, but what sort of costs to re-trim a plastic dashboard in leather?
  6. M

    2012 W204 C-AMG package Leather Retrim

    Hi MB enthusiasts, Just had my W204 interior retrimmed with Bentley dark burgundy Napa leather to a well known leather speacialist here in Istanbul, Turkey. We also redesigned the seat covers looking at the designo interiors of W204. The exterior is calcit white, and the interior was the...
  7. D

    Steering Wheel re-trim with photos.

    Decided to get my shiny wheel re-trimmed having sourced a spare wheel. Just fitted it, and very happy with the look. Combination of perforated leather to match the seats, and carbon leather to match my carbon DIY wrapping. And a new centre badge to finish the look off. Took me an hour all...
  8. Tommyje

    refurbish or retrim leather seats W140

    I am about to do a semi project with my S320 LWB 1998 :eek: My oldish S320 from 1998 are in pretty good shape for its age, but I want to upgrade it a bit. The leather seats in my S-class are a bit tired and the driver seat have a small tear. So I have been thinking of getting it...
  9. J

    W126 Armrest removal for retrim, help

    The mushroom cloth upholstery on my 300 se front seat armrest is in excellent condition but the pvc (?) piping is cracked on the two top edges. I suspect the only solution is to have the piping replaced. I'm happy to get this done by an upholsterer but want to take the arm rest off myself. Is...
  10. G

    W124 Steering wheel (new or re-trim)

    Hi All, I've got a 1996 e220 w124. My steering wheel is absolutely knackered.. can anyone recommend someone who can re-trim it for me? Or, do u recommend getting a new one? If so.. have u got any contacts? I've tried ebay but no joy. Thanks
  11. G

    interior retrim - adding leather

    Anyone had this done? retro fitted leather interior? how did it work out? what did it cost and are you happy with it? is it "as good" as a factory leather interior? I don't mean getting a set of seats off ebay, but rather getting their own seats retrimmed by someone or even getting new 'covers'...
  12. K

    Steering wheel re-trim

    Ive had a spare steering wheel kicking around for ages, got it off ebay for £20 in practically new condition. Left it in a box ourside on the balcony and it stayed dry but got scuffed by the other stuff in the box. So i cut the stitches off the leather and pulled the cover off, im wondering...
  13. H

    Time for a leather retrim on the W123

    Good evening, It's time to change the interior. From the blue cloth (the photo's not my car, but similar colour) to something like the interior on Jay's (Jaymanek, I hope you dont mind me using this pic). I'd like dark blue leather, with same colour piping. I'm not sure what to do with the...
  14. J

    W124 Leather Steering Wheel... re-trim?

    HI all, I have a 1995 E36 AMG with the standard 400mm leather trimmed steering wheel with an airbag. Of course it's now getting worn. Has anyone had one restitched or is it cheaper to have the rim replaced? cheers! >Joe
  15. jaymanek

    W123 Retrim Number 2!

    Retrim number one done a couple of years back It became evident that the job wasnt great... springs went soft and i started to get back problems.. Also leather started to come apart at the base on drivers seat,.. Never trust anyone who works from a terraced in leicester so...
  16. reflexboy

    Where can I get a leather re-trim?

    Dad has got a Toyota (sorrry-not MB:eek: ) and can't stand the naff velour seats! Does anyone know of a good place to get the seats retrimmed in leather in or around London/Surrey? Any idea of cost? It would be for an Avensis for all the seats and four door cars? Thanks in advance.
  17. jaymanek

    Another Retrim - My R107 This time!

    Sorry again i forgot to take before pics, but it was basically half MB Tex seats before and the cloth was starting to wear through on the base.... You cant see on the pics, but the centre sections of the seats and headrests are in perforated (holes) leather.. I love this car to bits...
  18. jaymanek

    SL 129 Leather Retrim Pics!

    Just posting up some pics of a leather retrim i have just had done through for forum member downs_gj@tiscal thought it may be of interest...
  19. Swiss Toni

    Leather re-trim advice?

    Does anyone have experience of an automotive re-trimmer? I am looking at a leather, seats, door cards & carpets re-trim of a classic Mercedes. Cheers :o
  20. mickl

    Leather re-trim

    Has anyone ever had their leather re-trimmed or can recommend anyone who is in the north west?
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