1. 0

    New Piston Rings for M156

    Hi Im looking for replacement rings for engine rebuild dealership are saying I have to buy new pistons to get the rings from them. New pistons would be nice also but I have a budget so a saving wouldn't go a miss if possible any ideas ? Cheers Mike
  2. L

    Fuel Pump O rings

    Hi Im about to put a second hand high pressure fuel pump on A1620700001 What o rings do I need? Cheers
  3. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  4. TKvS

    CLS white chapter rings

    I've taken a hankering to replacing the black instrument cluster dials on my CLS with the face-lifted white chapter rings / surround dials, I'd like to fit either: 1. Gen dial cluster that would fit CLS W219 2. Transfer dial rings ala Escort Cosworth ( I used this method waaay back on my...
  5. toby1

    R129/W140 instrument cluster chrome rings

    Removed from my C140. £13 posted to UK mainland
  6. notsofast

    CLS W219 cup holder chrome rings

    Hello all, The only interior defect in my car is the chrome is coming off one of the pictured rings. I have searched the web and seen them removed and painted or simply cough up £100 or so and replace the entire unit (p/n 219 680 04 14 9051) but I really struggle to justify the cost but very...
  7. R

    abs sensor and rings

    had codes read today. 1605. Looked on here and abs sensor gone down. Going to change rings on drive shaft and abs sensor. Are they a ball ache or fairly straight forward? I'm pretty competent with spanners.many thanks
  8. R

    ml abs rings

    1999 ml 320. Does anyone know the size of the abs ring that's on the above car? Been on ebay and confused. 69mm is for my car but 79 is also for my car. I don't want to take suspension to bits twice. Thanks in advance
  9. Z

    how to change o rings please help

    Hey guys my 02 c270 cdi is having trouble starting and also cuts out when you accelerate fast.. ino theres a few things that cause this A common problem can be air being drawn in the low pressure lines - the low pressure fuel lines have O ring seals on the end of them that can go hard or...
  10. Howard

    Hubcentric spigot rings

    Hi all Need a bit of advice please , just had some new tyres put on the front of the little A class ( with brabus monoblock IV on it ) and they tell me that the centre bore of the wheels is bigger than the hub and that the wheel is not centring properly , basically the bolts are centring it ...
  11. G

    vito 113 petrol poss stuck rings

    Hi This vans been laid up 12 months and ran before that now a compression test gives psi test cylinder 1 = 170 cylinder 2 = 50 cylinder 3 = 0 cylinder 4 = 150 I'm wondering if rings could be stuck on 2 and 3 cylinders, its worth trying so could I put a lube down cylinders 2 and 3...
  12. W

    W202 o rings

    I'm replacing the air conditioning condensor and drier. Does anyone know where I can buy a set of replacement o rings?
  13. ricardo62

    any guys near ipswich can replace my o rings

    hi a long shot but is there any diy mechanics handy with a spanner that if I pay them are able to replace the leaking o ring on my fuel line ?? its the 1 coming out of the lhs of fuel pump
  14. noogieman

    Fitting chrome rings - Yay or Nay?

    Would you fit chrome rings to your cluster which never came with this option on w202? I wonder if these rings will look any good on my C43? I found many sellers on Ebay, seems like these rings are all from the same factory? Is there any I should avoid? I know some of these had adhesive gunk on...
  15. sl300 ireland

    1963 220s piston rings

    1963 220s fintail piston rings, i know its a long shot but you never know,or somewhere that would make them,forget the main dealers crazy prices
  16. C

    W124 Estate Multi Valve "O" Rings

    Wondered if someone could advise of sizes needed to do whole fuel system. I have read through previous posts and it seems "O" rings from MB dealerships are still rubber and not Viton. Due to a lack of workshop, ability, knowledge, and about a foot of snow on the ground its going to a local...
  17. R

    The price of reluctor rings...

    ...has plummeted: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace They started at 4 times this cost only a couple of years ago.
  18. M

    W124 Diesel Pump O rings leaking

    Hello, Quick questions. I'm running WVO/Diesel on my 300te (333900miles) It's a jan reg 93 estate. I have the spline tool. The front two injector bosses had new seals about 5000miles. The back two are now leaking and when parked up hill I need to crank it over lots for some fuel. Also leaving...
  19. markjay

    Colour Rings on Tyres

    There have been several threads regarding the purpose of the coloured rings on tyres. It seems that some new tyres have them, while others do not. I was not able to find any official word from the tyre manufacturers - they seem not to be saying anything about this. This is what I did find: 1...
  20. lordlee

    CLK chrome vent rings

    Have a set of two that are surplus to requirement. £5 and collection only from the reading area. Completely free if you can source me a 17" AMG Monoblock for the front of my CLK - cash waiting
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