1. KillerHERTZ

    SLS AMG Roadster - Press Release

    2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Press Release Open sensuality: roadster performance in its perfect form AMG is presenting a new dream-car: the 2012MY SLS AMG Roadster. This super sports car thrills with a perfect combination of open-top driving pleasure, outstanding driving dynamics and...
  2. WDB124066

    Concours 300SL Roadster

    Popped along to the local Concourse' d Elegance over the weekend and took this shot of a 300 SL Roadster, right after an on-looker found out what it is worth, by the looks... Enjoy!
  3. B

    Window Regulator for Smart Roadster

    Hi Hope somone can help, I am looking for a near side window regulator for a 2004 Smart Roadster Convertable including cables. Can anyone help?
  4. npuk

    Roadster Hood Advice

    We are currently looking for a TT Roadster. We saw a lovely one yesterday. It is great spec, it has the most factory options I have seen to date on a car while looking for one. The car is phantom black pearl effect with luxor beige fine nappa leather interior but the previous owner ordered it...
  5. PJayUK

    Today I fell in love a CLK GTR Roadster

    A quick visit today to take the kids to Mercedes World (its only 10 mins down the road) ended in awe for me. I don't think I have ever set eyes on such a car that almost seemed to stir a primeval sense of attraction as this car did. After looking at it for a good 20 mins and being literally...
  6. kjgood

    1936 mercedes 500k roadster

  7. KillerHERTZ

    SLS Roadster - Spyshots

  8. W

    2005 Smart Roadster Brabus, 25k miles, £9k

    Not to my taste, but I think there's at least one member here looking for a Roadster Brabus: 2005 SMART ROADSTER BRABUS *HUGE SPEC!* *25,000 MILES!* on eBay (end time 11-Sep-09 12:00:56 BST) The owner is a member of a Smart car forum, so I imagine it is a well looked after example. edit...
  9. S

    Roadster Centre Caps

    I want to change the standard star centre caps on my W209 (18" sports pack wheels)and really like the look of blue roadster caps. Car is silver and in my opinion blue rather than black caps would look the best but I'm open to other's opinion on that. I'm only interested in gen MB kit, can...
  10. Kinky

    Eunos Roadster 1.8i VR-A

    For sale is a 1996 1.8i Eunos Roadster VR-A (full name is VR-Limited Combination 'A') limited edition japanese import (one of only 700 made). I purchased this on the 19th of March 2007, from a local dealer who had purchased this car specifically for his daughter. The standard spec includes: *...
  11. R

    I've replaced my Smart Roadster...

    I've recently sold my Smart Brabus Roadster, and I've just replaced it with what I hope will be an equally fun vehicle, even if it's not exactly Roadster-esque in its delivery of said fun. It's a 2006 BMW M5. Two owners, 21,000 miles, and still under warranty. The car...
  12. The Boss

    my new '07 model SLK, collected just yesterday morning!

    Hello all. I have just collected my 2007 SLK 55 AMG on Monday 6k on the clock, and paid late £30ks for it. Apologies about dirt, but had a very long drive back to London and valet guy not coming around till the weekend. oh well.. looks like the Work horse now hehe This really is an Excellent...
  13. Rasputin

    Mercedes-Benz unveils retrofuturistic F-Cell Roadster

    Mercedes-Benz unveils retrofuturistic F-Cell Roadster built by trainees :eek: Times may be tough, but that isn't stopping Daimler from having a bit of expensive-looking fun with its trainees... so long as there's an educational bent to it. What you see before you isn't an artful series...
  14. coupe deville

    rare 1986 300SL AMG Roadster

    mmm not sure, think I prefer standard car, but would like to see it in the metal The top picture looks odd, surely something wrong with the camera settings ???
  15. KillerHERTZ

    SLR 722s edtion Roadster

    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722s Revealed The new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722 S opens up astonishing dimensions when it comes to open-top driving. Delivering 478 kW/650 hp, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 335 km/h, this two-seater...
  16. ian_c_uk

    Roadster Finale Coupe (2006)

    2006 Smart Roadster Finale Coupe. 14,000miles. Full service history. RHD. Warranty till June 08. One of only 70 in the UK, the Finale was the last hurrah for the roadster before production ceased. Specification includes: Runline 17" alloy wheels Cruise control Air...
  17. gl boy

    dtm roadster

    GTR roadster anyone fancy one of these :devil:
  18. W

    Ladies Cartier Roadster Watch

    Ladies Cartier Roadster Watch Purchased by me from an official Cartier dealer when new (June 2005) 100% Genuine Comes with original inner and outer boxes, and ALL paperwork It has both straps (stainless steel and dress strap) The dress strap has never been used The...
  19. Maff

    My new Aston Martin V8 Roadster!

    Here's a few pictures of my new Roadster, picked up last week! Tungsten Silver with Obsidian hide, Piano Black Trim and Sportshift transmission! Roadsters big Brother, DB9 Volante:
  20. R

    Smart Roadster Puncture Adventure

    So its Sunday, I've been to the Festival of Mud, I mean Speed, all day and had a thoroughly good time. :) Given the nature of the event and in the laughable belief it might be sunny, I took the Smart Roadster. Leaving the car park was an adventure in mud spraying power oversteer, and with...
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