1. F

    SL500 SRS 'rollover bar' warning light

    I've encountered a problem on my SL500, SRS light & rollover lamp on, clicking sound behind seats, command module says 'currently unavailable'. I've had the system reset on STAR, but has reoccurred intermittently Very grateful if anyone can help.
  2. A

    Odometer rollover!

    My e220 had had serviced. They told me that odometer was roll over. They can not reset the " service c due " They ask 100 gbp for put the odometer as it was and dissappear service c Does any one knows how to dissappear "sercice c due". A friend of mine has the equitment for reading faulds...
  3. N

    Rollover bar deployed on 2005 CLK

    Drove the car this morning and almost straight away got a strange sound from the rear, it was almost like the clicking you hear when car panels are cooling down after driving on a hot day, but much deeper and louder and with an echo (whatever it was was in an enclosed but empty void). Every...
  4. G

    CLK Rollover Head rest Reset

    Hi Guys as a Newbie to Merc's I need some help, The missus has a CLK 200 Convert on a 55 plate and after going over a cattle grid today a error message popped up on the dash saying 'visit the workshop' and the rear head rests flew up and the hazard lights came on as though the car thought it was...
  5. gaz_l

    Big mileage rollover today..

    15000 miles.. this from a car that's 3 weeks away from its 5th birthday. I really should use it more.. but it seems pointless going backwards and forwards to work when it never even gets warmed up properly, the Panda does that job just fine. So the SLK might be a garage queen, but on days like...
  6. biturbo

    r129 rollover bar up on one side.

    In doing my modification work and one of the rollover bar stuts passenger side came up but the drivers side stayed down. Is there a way of getting the drivers side up manually as i cant put it back into place as it is and the rollover button wont work to do it automatically. All being well the...
  7. s88

    SL 350 R 230 rollover bar

    Had the rollover bar pop up today as I went over a hump back bridge a tad too fast. After triggering it would not go down so a call to the dealer suggested a special tool was required. It does limit the view with the roof up as well. Called in to Scarborough ( they dont exist anymore) so...
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