1. G

    C63 Estate - Monthly running report

    I thought I'd take the time to start and maintain a monthly running report of my C63. I appreciate it's not of interest to many, but perhaps it may help out the odd person who's looking to make the move to MB or indeed to an AMG. So here goes: Length of ownership = 1 month Mileage = 560...
  2. D

    Running Boards for ML350 W166

    I am looking to retrofit some running boards for my W166 but I cannot find anywhere to buy or fit them - anyone know of anywhere?
  3. K

    e200 Starting and Running Problems

    I'm having a similar problem to member "Shedinthegarden". From cold it will sometimes not tick over or will struggle to fire up, sometimes it will be fine. Out on the road generally at low speed either parking, stop start in traffic or just giving a bit more gas to go up a hill when there's...
  4. D

    W201 carb engine running problems

    I have a 190 carburettor manual model. The engine is not idling smoothly and is fairly lumpy. When I accelerate hard sometimes it gives a few misses then takes off. I have to date had the carb overhauled, replaced plugs, plug leads, distributor cap, engine mountings (thought it might be...
  5. D

    V8 CDi & ML63 Running Costs/MPG etc

    Just perusing the internet this morning planning for my eventual change of car in a couple of months and I can't stop looking at ML & GL V8 CDI's and the ML63. I've got used to low 20's mpg in the Discovery, so that's not that much of a concern really, but I do like to know what I'm letting...
  6. K

    2011 A-Class 12v power source for DayLight Running Lights?

    Hi, I'm looking for a 12v power source under the bonnet I can tap into for my Day Light running lights. It's an 2011 A-Class. Obviously, I need the lights to come on when the ignition is turned on and to turn off when the ignition is switched off. Thanks in advance.
  7. L

    daytime running lights

    is there any way of getting them to stay on even when the main lights are on i have a 2012 new m class???
  8. M

    w124 300te24 running issue

    hi my dad has owned a 1991 300te 24v esate for a short while but it hasnt been used much due to a fault occuring, when the car was purchased it ran fine no missing spluttering etc but since has started playing up, when the car is started from cold it runs perfectly right up untill it reaches...
  9. ringway

    Running with the Bulls.

    Ouch! :crazy: 2h-WhhqFjv4
  10. L

    electrical problem w202 aircon fan running all the time

    Hello i got this problem with my c200 w202 when the car is running the aircon fans in the front of the car is running all the time also the engine temperature is not showing on the gauge this started rescently after the car has been inside a garage for 2-3weeks does anyone know where to...
  11. Palfrem

    E36 now running on 5 cylinders

    Drove home from London this evening - no problems Out for curry about 2 hours later and it sounds like she's on 5 pots. Hunting for revs on tickover. Drives almost OK but no real power and a blown exhaust sort of soundtrack. Any ideas please? Many thanks - into my indie first...
  12. D

    C36 AMG Running Costs & Reliability

    Hi all, I've been looking at various cars to replace my Honda Civic Type R, and after paring a list down from ST220, 3.0 Jag X Type Sport, MG ZT 190, or a BMW 3 series in Sport guise, I settled on the ST220. I've yet to make a purchase though. Last night, I happened upon the c36. It looks and...
  13. L

    W123 280e Running Rich - Help!

    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and have recently purchased a lovely 1982 280e. Great car and been reliable so far. It was in storage for many years and is now being pressed into use as my daily driver. There is a longish list of issues which over time should be easy to sort out but one...
  14. B

    W202 New MAS, now running hotter

    I'm running a '96 C180 Auto estate with a mere 208,000 miles on the clock. It started pinking and was noticeably sluggish so having searched the forum, I took it to the local garage for a diagnostics check and they confirmed it needed a new mass air sensor. I fitted a Bosch unit and the engine...
  15. B

    C220 CDI Heater Booster always running

    Hi I am having a problem with the heater booster on my C220 CDI W202 (W Reg - 2000). The heater booster seems to run all the time. I can park the car up and go out three hours later and it will be running. I can feel the hot air from the little exhaust under the front right bumper and smell...
  16. B

    E220cdi Engine fan continuously running and loss of power

    When I started engine the engine fan warning light came on and the engine fan was staying on continuously. Also there is a loss of power and engine will not go over 3000 revs. My mechanic has put the car onto the diagnostics but will not accept although in the past computer diagnostics have...
  17. markjay

    Clinton Card - another iconic brand running aground

    BBC News - Clinton Cards goes into administration Sad news.
  18. Y

    New Sl320 Owner, Running Really Rough (HELP PLEASE)

    Well i just bought a 1997 sl320 that had been sitting for about a month not being used. I know the vehicle ran good before it sat but Now out of the blue It has absolutely no power, in neutral if you ever so gently ease on the accelerator it will rev up but not well it hesitates and breaks up...
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