1. R

    Viano running problems poor mpg

    Hi all I have a 04 plate viano, what mpg would you expect? Currently I do the same 50mile journey to work then 50miles back every day, you'd expect the mpg displayed on the dash to be the same or similar for each journey, one trip would be about 31mpg then the next exact same journey would be...
  2. N

    Fan running at high speed constantly.....Please help

    Hello everyone, I have a 2009 E350 cdi coupe and have a problem with the fan running at high speed constantly. As soon as I start the car the fan runs at high speed and only switches off when the car is switched off. It runs at high speed regardless if the weather is hot or cold. My air con...
  3. A

    Fans running but no air moving

    I've got a 2006 R320. While driving on a long journey over the weekend the ac seemed to stop moving air out of any of the vents. The fans could still be heard and a very small amount of air was coming out. I've read about some flaps that get stuck? Where are they on the R class and is it a case...
  4. B

    W164 Running Boards in EPC - Where?

    Hi All, In EPC, where do you find 'Running Boards'? The chassis I am looking under has them fitted as standard (ML63 AMG) but in EPC, I can't find them anywhere. Under section 99 Special Internal Fittings, it lists 270 Running Boards and shows a poor quality / low res image but no part...
  5. dan-mb

    Correct running temperature 209 CLK 240 V6 Petrol

    So today I had a nice 6 hour 300 mile round trip to north Wales to take the dog to the beach (I was bored). Motorway speeds and occasional spirited driving ;) the engine temp never went above 80-84 I have recently had a new oil cooler fitted in the rad. I can't remember what it used to run at on...
  6. M.A.94

    Running wires near steering shaft

    I have got two wires running from my headunit to the driver side of my vehicle. One of the wires is for my mic which sits on the top of my A pillar and the second wire is an ignition wire for my headunit (runs to the fuse box under rear seat). The way I have routed the wires is very close to...
  7. T

    Running costs of a diesel E class????

    I'm looking at E Class Elegance estates as my next long term daily car. It will have to be a diesel because I do 15k miles a year (95% long journeys). I don't know if I should be looking at 220s, 270s or 320s?????? My head hurts. Your answers to 2 questions would really help me make the...
  8. A

    2017 e220d Lock Car With Engine Running

    Please don't judge me but if my car is very frosted I like to lock it with the engine running while I eat my cereal. (I have another car in my garage). This means visibility is perfect as I drive off. My last car was a 5 series and I could simply hop in, start the car then get out and lock...
  9. M

    Mercedes c320 running rough at idle and underpowered

    My c320 petrol V6 2001 has rough idle and poor performance checked usual suspects maf , air leaks ,leads, plugs coils,fuel pressure 55psi all the time fuel volume ok,check cat back pressure none about 1psi max reving ,any ideas also bat voltage charge ok .done compression check all 150 to 155psi...
  10. A

    CLK230K Running problems

    Hi, I have a 1998 CLK230 kompressor that I am having problems diagnosing what the problem is. The car itself starts however there is no power and when you try the accelerator, the revs never rise above 2.5k. The kickdown had started not working about 100 miles before the main problem but ist...
  11. BAZ-500SL

    R129 service parts and running costs

    Hello guys need some help , I am going to be using a 500sl-32v 1990 an needed some advice what to look out for and also what the drive of it's like and best way to keep it going, and how reliable they are, also where to buy good oem standard parts I know to keep away from cross land and heard...
  12. jose7090

    LED daytime running lights

    How can I turn the LED lights on at all times including nights? I see every other MB out there with the LED lights on but not mine!! Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. S

    W166 - Changing Headlight bulbs to match the daytime running LEDS

    Hi All The standard headlights on our ML are far too yellow for me and i'm thinking of changing them for a brighter white colour. Has anyone done this on their ML? Is there a how to guide on this? Anyone know which xenon bulbs i'd need to buy? Many thanks Suraj
  14. S

    Rough Running after Thermostat Replacement.

    Hi all. This is my first post, so please forgive me if the answers I want are somewhere in the forum, but I've missed them. I have a 2004 c180k, with 109,100 miles on the clock. It's a 271 engine & It's run great in the 2 years I've had it. I've just replaced the Thermostat (yesterday)...
  15. bluelights22

    GLC AMG LINE running boards

    Has anyone found a supplier of running boards for the GLC AMG line? They're available for ordinary GLCs, but as the AMG line has a slightly different body kit, they wont fit.
  16. F

    om606 turbo diesel running temp?

    Hi from Australia My newly purchased w210 om606 turbo diesel warm up time is nearly 2x my 124 om603 na even on a hot day Running temps of the 606 are rarely above 80c with ac on a 36 deg c day. The 603 regularly goes up to 95 deg c ( I understand that is normal ) with new ...(thermostat...
  17. S

    Running In Advice

    Hi guys, Can anyone advise what the conditions (speed, rpm, mileage) are for running in my C43 would be please? I've heard conflicting figures being touted from 850 miles & under 85 mph to 3000 miles but under 3000rpm:confused: Any comments welcome. Cheers
  18. M

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS - Video

    Mercedes G500 4x4² Exhaust System and Electric Running Board By BRABUS [YOUTUBE HD]z0uzCkibLc8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  19. sparkynw

    Running in period....

    Hi all, I am 600 miles in on my cla45 and I'm resisting sport + just about! I've read a lot about the need to baby the car for the first 1k but as there's no run in oil to change and the things are so well engineered I'm curious as to why so many miles are necessary to 'bed' things in? Ok the...
  20. J

    W246 Day Running Lights

    Just purchased 2014 B180 CDI ECO SE Can anyone explain why some cars that year the DRLs are LEDS and others like mine are the Front Fogs lights I do not think is just the date of production. I have seen some older and some newer thanks:confused:
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