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  1. G

    2007 W221 S500 Tv tuner

    Hi all I recently bought a W221. The tv tuner is not picking up any channels just static plus some radio station. Its a digital tuner I can select different countries an do a autotune but still no picture? Could it be the attenna? all other functions are working radio,dvd,nav and keyless go...
  2. K

    New S Class Owner

    Hi I've just become a proud owner of a S-class w221 and am well chuffed with it. I used to have an E-class which had a sweet drive but this is a different league :cool: It's got a few niggling bits but I'm well happy with it.
  3. D

    Auto gearbox problem

    Evening, I have spent hours trailing through forums trying to find the same gearbox problem as mine but i can't Mine is 2004 W220 320 cdi and happens usually when cold, it seems to grab second gear sometimes with enough force to move you in your seat, I have a 3 mile stop start journey to...
  4. C

    Used S class query

    Hi all Need some advice, I am looking at a 1999 S class, i've had a hankering for a big luxury car for sometime now, but sensibleness has always got in the way. Came across this on ebay Mercedes s 500 | eBay very very nice! But this line has me a bit worried "It has the usual...
  5. M

    upgrade to W221 or not?

    Hi, I have had an e280 for the last couple of years ( my first Merc ) and thinking about moving up to an s350 bluetec next year. I am not loaded by any stretch but have found the running costs of the e280 to be acceptable (so far anyway). Are there any potential major pitfalls with S...
  6. P

    2001 my,w220 s class 320 lwb

    Hi, trouble again ec light staying on, on my air conditioning panel and no refridgerated air, gas level checked and ok, codes read 1000 and 1241 logged 1241 code relates to pressure temp sensor in gas line codes cleared no parts changed all working again, has anyone had this happen to air con???
  7. C

    S350CDi Blue Efficiency - 2010 - Car destroyed by fire due to wrong fuel

    I was the owner of a S350CDi Blue Efficiency, registered in 2010. I accidently filled the tank with petrol instead of diesel one day. Yes, I know this was a stupid thing to do but I know understand that it is quite a common occurrence among motorists. I did not realise what I had done and...
  8. S

    Raising S-Class

    dear experts, I've been wandering about whether raising S-class Mercedes W220 elonagtes the life span of airmatic suspension in these series. Anybody can tell about this assumption? Thanks for considering :)
  9. R

    Breaking mercedes s class (w221) damaged spares salvage

    Hi newbie to forum so not to sure if i can post such listings here or not.. Currently Breaking A Mercedes S320 LWB W221 (2006-2012) In Black Most Parts Available For This Vehicle Genuine Mercedes S Class Parts No Damage Very Minimal Wear From Use And Possible Storage Marks...
  10. R

    S Class - Interior door handle lights

    Hello I have a MB W220 S Class 2004 Internally - In the doors there are soft lights that illuminate the door handles. One is out - any ideas how to replace it? Thanks
  11. C

    s class wont start

    HELP !!! I have a 2000 s class. i have a problem, i understand, with my drivers side door. so i asked my friends dad to have a look (hes an electronics engineer), he checked wiring etc, also one by one checked the fuses, all seems ok, so guessing its a problem with the module itself...
  12. O

    S320 CDi 2007 & Iphone 4

    I apologise if this question has already been asked but this has been bugging me for sometime. My S Class is still in the garage (whole new thread altogether) I have just bought it and when I tried to connect my iPhone via bluetooth it said incompatible. Also the socket in the arm rest I do not...
  13. V

    S Class - 2003+ buying guide

    HI to everyone. I'm new to this website I would like to buy an 2003 or newer (diesel). can anyone help with what i should look for positives and negative. what to look out for, what models or equipemet should be a must? your help would be most appreciated. Vim
  14. design guru

    1994 MERCEDES S320 LIMO AUTO GREY W140-Long Wheel Base

    MERCEDES BENZ S320L (long wheel base) Open to sensible offers I have made a PDF Book with some large images of the car showing the Good and bad points listed. Click or copy and paste the link below to download the File (3mb file): www.violetsky.co.uk/SCLASS.pdf This is my fathers...
  15. The Boss

    When is the new s class due

    does any one know when the facelift s class is due?
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