1. S

    Is the S124 aerial + motor assembly same as w124?

    Hello, The motor's gone on my aerial, but before I get all ebay happy, does anyone know if it's the same piece of kit for the estate as the saloon? Some one told me it was different, but I've also read it's the same. I've searched the threads and can't find a definitive answer. Might...
  2. F

    S124 Estate Rear Washer Reservoir grommet

    So on refilling the rear wash reservoir all the fluid fell out as the grommet/gasket under the pump is perished. Is this part available or do I need to buy a new reservoir or pump?
  3. F

    Where do I find a good independant garage to look after my 1996 S124 E280 Estate?

    Now that I have finally got my E280 estate back from Japan, who should I Use in Aberdeenshire to look after it?
  4. tron

    S124 e300d 1996

    One of the good ones with a huge and expensive service history. I had wanted one for twenty years and twenty years later, it feels just a bit too classic for me. I prefer the C class so I bought one of those instead. Blue black metallic, eight hole alloys, black leather, electric ortho...
  5. dougal74

    89 Black S124 Brabus 3.6 7 Seater

    Hi all Does anyone have any info on this car: eBay Link
  6. L

    s124 locking and interior lights

    Hi, I'm having problems with my central locking and rear interior lights on my 220 TE. The rear and boot courtesy lights stick on, intially removing the fuse reset this but now they are constantly on, The central locking refuses to work at all, I can hear the pump when the drivers key is...
  7. MB-tex

    W124 fuel filter/pump undershield wanted.

    Hi all Anyone got a spare black plastic undershield that covers the fuel filter and pump under the rear of a 124 estate? It is a '96 incase that makes a difference. Thanks Tom
  8. L

    s124 tailgate soft close

    Hi, I have a problem with the soft close failing on the tailgate following a few months of intermitent performance. I also think a problem with the rear cabin lights might be related to this. I have replaced the mechanism with a known good one and still have no operation of the mechanism. I had...
  9. M

    1993 s124 320te

    1993 320TE, Malachite Green, Mushroom Leather, 5 speed Looks awesome from 20 ft away when its soaking wet. Looks a bit S*%t up close when its dry. Decent spec which includes, AC Cruise Control Electric drivers and passenger seats Heated front seats Electric steering wheel adjustment...
  10. Rob77

    S124 Outside Temerature Gauge

    The outside temperature guage in my S124 seems to have lost the plot. It was always very accurate and yet a week ago it was reading 16 degrees when it must've been 6. Forgot all about it and then, on Friday, it was blank (but still lit up) before reading +58 point odd degrees. What would...
  11. D

    S124 listing

    The problem continues, the car lists to one side, the drivers side is too low. We thought we'd found the problem, that being two different rear springs, but replacing them both, fitting new suspension pads front and rear hasn't solved the problem. The car is lower both front and back on...
  12. c55

    W124T Estate S124 Seat 6/7 Mushroom Cream

    W124 Estate Seat 6/7 In mushroom cream Now available due to a complete interior colour swap the following is available: Seat 6/7 in mushroom cream Complete Estate carpet set in mushroom cream Spare wheel cover Sold Cubby box Sold Leather seats in mushroom/ Cream 1, 2 3 & 4 Sold
  13. swannymere

    S124 Estate Roof Bars OE

    Mercedes S124 Estate Roof Bars in good condition, £25 + P&P
  14. swannymere

    S124 Estate Oris Removable Tow Bar

    S124 Estate Oris Removeable Tow Bar Had this in storage for ages after getting from a member a few years ago, the main beam has some cosmetic surface rust which i've had a very quick go over with a wire brush, it would benefit from a sanding and a coat of Smoothrite etc. The outriggers are...
  15. D

    S124 all over the place

    I have recently bought a smart 1990 300TD with non sport line suspension (predictably). It wanders like a bitch, it is bordering on dangerous, so I've stopped driving it. The springs all seem new (at a glance - shiny and black) and underneath is generally tidy. The car sits higher on...
  16. Rob77

    S124 Rear Brake Pads

    I'm looking to order new rear brake pads for the estate. I've seen a pair I'm interested in and they seem to be fine. However, the supplier suggests buyers give him a reg no/VIN to make sure they will fit. He's now said he needs to know if the rear pads are held on with one or two pins...
  17. M

    S124: now back from the bodyshop!

    Got the car back earlier in the week and I think they’ve done a cracking job! I swapped the badly corroded wheels out for a set of 16” 8 hole’s I picked up cheap on eBay. Looking’ good! Next up, need to get the oily bits sorted out…
  18. Rob77

    W124 / S124 Replacement tie rod ends

    Local MB dealer just did a value service on my S124 and it needs a NS outer tie rod end. I intend to buy one myself and get it fitted at a local garage. What's a good make to get? I was thinking Lemforder. Also, is it a good idea to just replace the one or am I better assuming the OS...
  19. M

    S124 Bodywork part 2

    It’s beginning to come together!
  20. M

    S124 Bodywork part 1

    Some progress on my wagon, I'm beginning to get excited - can't wait to get it back on the road now!
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