1. Haris

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 - Gearbox fault

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 MOT Aug 2017 Mileage: 130k 2.8L Straight six Double glazed windows Soft close doors and boot Electric mirrors Cream leather interior Climate control Rear parking markers Dual-zone climate control Rear passenger illuminated vanity mirrors. Adjustable lumbar...
  2. N

    1994 W140 S280 spares or repair. Great Project Car

    Im open to realistic offers for my 94 S280 as need the space on my drive and receiving serious ear ache from SWMBO. She will to be collected on a trailer as needs a driveshaft.. There is a cracking set of AMG I alloys fitted all the tyres with excellent tread.. I really dont want to sell the...
  3. S

    S280 niggles?

    Hi all. Sorry if you've already seen my post in new members. I'm just about to dip my toe into the Mercedes world for the first time. I've found a 1999 S280 with FSH in great fettle. I could write what I know about these cars on the back of a cigarette paper. What's the deal with these cars? Any...
  4. DanMorgan

    W140 - S280 - 79K Miles - £700 - Little Rust

    Hi All, I've only had this car for around a month and done approx 300 miles in it. Its a great car, however I have recently changed jobs a few days after purchasing with my commute now being a 80 mile round journey as opposed to a 20 mile journey. I'm just looking at getting what I paid...
  5. richard300

    M104 Misfire (1996 Mercedes S280)

    I always felt my car had a slight misfire (barely detectable, to the point that i thought i was imagining it) Today though, after a 15mile motorway journey i pulled to a stop, the revs dropped and the car has had a very notable missfire since. I changed the plugs 3 months ago, so (currently i...
  6. richard300

    My W140 S280 - Recent Purchase

    Here is my S280.... I bought the car just over a week ago, after deliberating for a couple of weeks. But after checking the AC over 2 visits, spaced 10 days apart, thoroughly checking that everything electrical worked, checking the motor for overheating and Head gasket issues and all the other...
  7. richard300

    W140 S280 - Revs hunting when off the throttle

    A curious thing happened today. I was driving at slow speed down a slight incline. Didn't need to brake but didn't need to be on the throttle and i noticed the cars revs were hunting (reflected on the rev counter) by a few 000'd revs. I drove round for a little while and under the same...
  8. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    Hi I'm trying to source a driveshaft for my S280 so I can get her back on the road, can anyone help..
  9. J

    W140 s280 non starter help please!

    Hi guys, bit of a weird one with my s280. I brought my clk out for the summer so thought i would take the s280 off the road to tidy some bits up on it. I parked it up and left the battery connected. Work has been busy so i havent had anytime for it but i was starting it every week. I...
  10. S

    Occasional reverse gear failure ??? S280

    Hello all. For some reason my last attempt to post my war and peace failed. So I'll keep this short. Purchased a S280 1998 last week. 119k with merc service history until 80k. Last owner had it for 13 years. After 3 days of ownership got into it, put it in reverse and.....nothing...
  11. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    I'm trying to source a Driveshaft for my W140 S280.. Can anyone help me?
  12. N

    W140 1994 S280 Project

    Im open to realistic offers for my 94 S280 as need the space on my drive. She will to be collected on a trailer as needs a driveshaft. There is a cracking set of AMG I alloys fitted all the tyres with excellent tread.. I really dont want to sell the car but health restrictions prevent me...
  13. isohail72

    S280 w220 mpg motorway

    Guys Check the pic and give your feedback Cheers Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  14. isohail72

    W220 S280 X Reg

    Guys I want to replace led bulbs in the whole outer car,any suggestion which size i need to buy and would they be Can bus or without? Thx Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  15. isohail72

    S280 W220 X Reg

    Guys Great fuel consumption by my car on the motorway £100 gas (480) miles.
  16. DanMorgan

    Cheap S280 W140

    Hi all, This seller was selling a very cheap w124 320ce which many of you might have seen, however I looked into his other items for sale and saw this. Short description but mentions a "gearbox problem". Do you still think this is a bargain with this fault, I love these cars and would love to...

    W140 S280 4sp or 5sp Auto?

    I'm looking around W140 S280/S320 on the market, I'm covering up to 500 miles a week and this model would fit the bill. I've noticed that the S280 has a 4sp auto, was the 5sp auto an option? My SL320 has a 5sp which has been excellent, but I'm not so sure an S280 4sp is a good combination?
  18. N

    Wanted W140 S280 Driveshaft

    Hi I'm trying to source a W140 S280 Driveshaft
  19. N

    W140 S280 Driveshaft

    I want to put my S280 back on the road again but need a driveshaft.. Are they any alternatives I can use as have been struggling to get a replacement
  20. J

    1995 s280

    new member hi too everyone have 95 s280 wiper problem wipers work for 4/5 minutes when turned on they stop working till the next day same next day they will work with a quick turn off and on all day changed relay same thing any ideas thks
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