1. T

    Clarkson Sacked

    Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked by the BBC
  2. Palfrem

    Should the boss of HA be sacked for wasting £1 billion?

    BBC News - M25 scheme 'may have wasted £1bn' That's a huge amount of money and waste by any measure.
  3. C

    Speed Camera Worker Sacked.

    So I wonder how often this is happening ?
  4. stats007

    Jose Mourinho Sacked?

    Rumour has it he's been sacked by Chelsea?
  5. garystu1965

    Mate's wife just been sacked - new job offered

    My mate's wife has been sacked from her job as a nurse for allegedly bullying other staff. It seems she got dragged into someone else's misdemeanors as she is adamant she has done nothing of the sort. I just cannot believe she is the bullying type. She was offered the choice of resigning but...
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