1. W

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    Received my W213 this week, but it has fixed rear seats. Does anybody have any experience of retrofitting folding rear seats? Thanks
  2. A

    E320 CDI Sport with 7 seats

    Hi all, On the look out for a 7 seater S211. Ideally an E320 sport in silver or another rare/unique colour. Mileage not an issue as long as it is well looked after. Harman Kardon would be nice!! Thanks
  3. B

    W209 CLK Parktronic and Mult-contour seats not working

    Hi I have a 2006 CLK and the Parktronic which has displays front and rear is off and also the multi-contour seats do not work. I thought it was a fuse because they both share fuse 13 but it is fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks
  4. M.Khalid

    [W219] CLS 55 AMG Dynamic/Pulse Seats

    Hi Everyone! :D Im planning on buying a CLS 55 AMG by the beginning of next year (when I get the money basically :bannana: ) I have got a tight budget, this will be my first bad ass car (I currently own a CLK 280 sports convertible). My question: is the Dynamic Seat a standard feature...
  5. P

    A-Class W168 Half Leather Seats £80

    Removed from a low mileage 54 plate Avantgarde Excellent condition showing no signs of wear Low price quick sale needed due to lack of space Collection from S18 Dronfield between Chesterfield and Sheffield

    W219 CLS dynamic seats

    Hi Guys, First post from me:bannana: I've managed to get hold of a set of CLS55 AMG seats that have the dynamic seat function. I am putting these in to my standard CLS500 and wondered if anyone can advise if the standard seating wiring connections will also allow for the dynamic seat...
  7. nickjonesn4

    Anyone had e55 or similar seats redone

    Would like to get the fronts reupholstered. Any recommendations?
  8. F

    Mercedes s211 rear heated seats

    Hello I think I read somewhere that the s211 rear seats already have the heating built into the seats but you need to buy new rear window switches (the ones with the heated seats button) does anyone have any knowledge about this since I was interested in doing a rear heated seats retrofit...
  9. 350cls

    W211 seats?

    One thing if not my favorite is the seats in the E55. Are they purposely made only for the 55 or are they across the w211 range. I don't have the dynamic feature on mine but do have the heat and ventilated option. I find the seats so comfortable. Are the massage and dynamic seats really that...
  10. C

    electric seats

    Hi does anyone know if memory leather seats from a 1993 w124 coupe can be fitted to my 1988 coupe with manual adjustment on passenger side and electric driver seat. many thanks
  11. M


    Full Details Mercedes R350L CDI 4Matic Automatic 7 Seater Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 29th December 2010 – 60 Reg • Three Owners Only – Last Owner Since 2010 • 61,043 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel...
  12. B

    ML270cdi 7 seater - can seats be taken out?

    Hi there Just got a 270cdi 2004 - primarily for horse trailer towing and general use. Just wondering if can take/remove the extra 2 seats at rear which fold away - just for extra space etc. Thanks
  13. K

    W123: cream buffalo seats

    One owner 67429 miles only For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C892910]
  14. D

    Heated seats swap

    Hi all, I will soon have 2 CLS's sat on my drive, my bought back insurance write off and my new CLS. The new one doesnt have heated seats. Can I swap the seats and switches to install the heated seats fairly easily or it is more difficult than that?
  15. Mr Fixit

    W211 E55 folding rear seats retrofit

    The only missing option I really wish me E55 had is the folding rear seats, do we know if it is possible to retrofit folding rear seats and if so is there anybody who could do this? Ta
  16. OCD BAL

    GLC43 AMG Performance Seats Option

    I'm ordering my new GLC43 AMG and am tempted to go for the optional "Performance Seats". They certainly look much better to me but I'm wondering how the comfort level is compared to the stock seats. Does anyone have any experience of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. clk320x

    Child seat with leather seats

    My sisters just got a new MB with leather seats. Before fitting the baby seat for here I thought I'd ask if anyone on here has used an protective foam etc to cushion the leather as it looks as if the leather will get indented/marked due to the pressure of the seat? Cheers Abs
  18. Drewsk

    Heated seats

    Hi, Ive bought my first MB, it's a 11 reg C220 CDI Blu efficiency ( lovely car, why have I not bought one sooner?) Question is, it has leather interior and I cannot find the heated seat switches, do they have heated seats?, are the automatically heated?, do some vehicles not have heated seats...
  19. G

    2014 E300 Hybrid estate rear seats

    Anyone looking for a set I have removed mine, Boot seats on turn into 7 seater car.. Black leather including fitting kit.. Make me an offer. Cost £900 new Thanks George
  20. E

    W221 seats, extreme discomfort

    I have a 61-plate S350 Bluetec with 54K on the clock and have owned it for just on a year. We're off on our usual long drive through France in about 5 weeks time and I look like I may have to sell the car and buy something with comfortable seats. Not to mince words, the seats are abysmal and...
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