1. Palfrem

    W124 E36 AMG estate sells for £19K

    1996 Mercedes W124 E36 AMG Est for Auction - Anglia Car Auctions Looks lovely, low miles too. Reminds me of the Ghostbusters ambulance though. And LHD. I wonder where it will surface again?
  2. W

    Who sells 255 45 17 all season tyres?

    Does anyone know where I can get all season tyres in either 255 45 17 Or 245 45 17 All I can find so far is Goodyear eagle LS I looked up umpteen of the black circles / camskill etc but no joy. Many thanks.
  3. WDB124066

    Aussie Volkswagen Kombi sells for $210,000

    Aussie Volkswagen Kombi sells for $210,000 |
  4. developer

    Prince Sells His Middlesex Pad

    Checkout photo two and onwards. I like the estate agent speak for bloody awful - the phrase "family inspired design". 4 bedroom semi-detached house for sale in Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex, UB10, UB10
  5. nickid

    Who sells the a/c flap arms?

    My arm has broke on my air con making it click in my Where sells them? Only getting American dealers selling them?
  6. tonyc280

    Any one on here that sells spares

    well i changed my headlamp bulbs then closed bonnet but left cover on top of washer bottle and smashed it (cover) so need a decent second hand one. Are there any members on here that can point me in the right direction please??? Cheers, Tony.
  7. M

    AMG door pins who sells them

    Ok sad I know but I really want a set of the ally AMG door pins. I know they are stupidly priced for such a small item but I want them. I can only find one supplier of them and they seem to be a no fly zone. So can anyone tell me who else can source me a pair? Google doesn't throw any...
  8. stevieb15

    A last Wayne sells one

    For anyone who's watched Chasing Classics Cars, sadly hidden away in the Discovery suite on Sky, Wayne sold a car for more than he told the owner he would get for it. Of all the reality shows this one actually has a degree of "reality" because its real people playing with real money and its...
  9. Stratman

    Bill Gates' old 911 sells for $80k

    Like the title says, his 911 Turbo fetched $80,000 at auction, together with some correspondence between the great one and Porsche. I wonder if it was along the lines of "Switch it off, wind the windows down and back up again then see if it starts"
  10. ET4

    Who sells door sill trims??

    Trieds a search to see who sells replacement door sill trims but all it comes up with is the 'illuminated' ones. Does anyone know where I can purchase normal new ones from?? Thanks.
  11. A

    Anyone know who sells this shift knob?

    Does anybody know who sells this wood shift knob with the chrome Mercedes emblem for a W124? I got it 4 years ago on Ebay but don't see the same one with a Mercedes emblem anymore.
  12. ringway

    VILLA Number Plate sells for £39,000.

    Ex Aston Villa manager John Gregory has sold his cherished "VILLA" plate for £39,000 on ebay. Interestingly, there was just one bid. LINK.
  13. DSLiverpool

    If A Dealer sells A Car Do They Have To Give A Guarantee

    Of any sort ? I am sure they have to give 30 days or something ?? Im looking at an 96 Bentley as a bit of a project but wouldn want it failing on all the common stuff TIA
  14. Birdman

    Daimler Group Sells itself to Arabs

    see link below
  15. columb

    Cheap MB parts- who sells them?

    Hi, I need front brakes disks and pads and now sensor as well :) Who can provide them - price and speed of delivery matters! Ofcourse GENUINE MB only! Cheers Chris
  16. 230K

    Farmer buys E Class. Farmer sells cow to dealer.

    Hi Hope you can all read this? Made me chuckle.
  17. I

    Breaking a W202 - what sells / what doesnt

    Having a bit of a nightmare with a friends W202 C280 Straight 6 Auto - latest being me snapping off the ignition key in the ignition, running a very fine drill into the middle of the key, slightly opening it out with a bigger drill (with the intention of trying to stick another piece of metal to...
  18. crockers

    Daimler sells Chrysler hope this link works --- but this isn't redhot news as many expected it
  19. mb240

    DaimlerChrysler AG sells Chrysler for $7.5 billion

    From The Wall Street Journal: Link: Reuters is reporting that DC shares rose 5.4% based on this news this morning. Reuters...
  20. WLeg

    Hear'say sells Audi TT
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