1. S

    Help with silencer delete c43 (trusted tuners for amg?))

    Wanting to get the silencer deleted for a little more bark from my 2016 c43 amg can anyone recommend somebody who is trusted... Been to a local exhaust specialist (powerflow), they looked at the car and said ''we don't have that kind of wide 4" pipe and its also oval shape'' there gonna look...
  2. Justin1600

    C43 AMG Centre silencer and secondary Cats

    Removed friends m a 1998 C43 AMG £150
  3. ss201

    Stainless rear silencer 2005 W203 320 CDI estate

    My local tyre/exhaust centre has quoted me a reasonable price to replace the original (and very tired) rear silencer with a Powerflo box. They will make and fit a stainless steel one on site. They are a reputable company of many years standing. I'm not interested in additional power or having...
  4. T

    C63 Rear silencer adjustment/alignment

    Hi all Is there any adjustment available to line up the tailpipes with the defuser? My right side is further in then the left, messing with my OCD. Thanks
  5. K

    W124 85-90 Exhaust Silencer Box

    MERCEDES 320E Saloon W124 85-90 Exhaust Silencer Box with Center pipe FERROZ for sale as new MERCEDES 320E Saloon W124 85-90 Exhaust Silencer Box with Center pipe FERROZ | eBay
  6. gadget1960

    w210 rear silencer

    Can anyone recommend / know of a rear silencer that will fit my W210 E240 without the need to hack the bodywork or rest of the exhaust system about? The silencer I have on there at the moment is the standard MB (hidden under the valance ) type so no tail pipes showing. Would like something...
  7. ss201

    W203 320 CDI estate rear silencer

    My daily driver is a 2005 C-Class 320 CDI estate which suits my requirements perfectly. My original rear silencer will need replacing soon. I can find lots of replacement rear silencers for the 220 CDI, but none for the 320. Before I go to the nearest main dealer (an hour and a half away and...
  8. R

    SLK230 rear silencer

    Hi Thought this may be of interest to other SLK owners. I have a 1999 230 Kompressor which the rear silencer was past its best to say the least. Got the Merc part number and then started looking around for a replacement. These silencers are like hens teeth. Blinking rare, especially non Merc...
  9. D

    C200k charge silencer removal

    hi all, out of curiosity, what happens if you remove the silencer for the supercharger ? Would it just sound louder and bader? (sorry just noticed its in the wrong thread, too early in the AM, mods please move to engine thread and please accept my apologies, Thanks!)
  10. C

    CE220 Rear Silencer Replacement

    Hi, I need to replace the rear silencer on my '93 CE220. MB are quoting £250, I can only find pattern replacements for the 230 coupe derivative. Does anyone know if the earlier version would fit my car? I can't imagine they would be that different. Incidentally the MB price for the CE230 is £130...
  11. W

    S210 heat shield above rear silencer come adrift

    A very unusual thing happened at the weekend! The missus and kids all reported a funny "grating" noise which I couldn't hear. "Do you hear that?" Long pause to listen carefully. "no - is it still doing it?" I replied "No it's stopped now!" "Thanks for telling me! Exactly how long did the...
  12. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 REMUS exhaust rear silencer box

    Mercedes W124 REMUS exhaust rear silencer box | eBay
  13. T

    W124 E280 Estate central silencer

    Anyone got one surplus to requirements? Thanks Toby
  14. P

    Removing 'center' silencer (resonator)

    On a 230 kompressor... I'm talking about the box between catalyst and the backbox. Removing this and getting it replaced with a straight through pipe.. Will it negatively affect performance? I'm guessing it will give it a gruntier sound..
  15. N

    W201 190E Rear Silencer (Back Box)

    Took my 190E in for an MOT and was told that my rear silencer is quite badly rusted and will need replacement soon. I had a look underneath the car and the current box has "Ernst" stamped on it. I would like to replace it with another of good quality. Is Ernst a good brand? I've also heard of...
  16. K

    C36 amg exhaust silencer

    Pipe has been cut so easy fit for w202 owners using straight coupler (around £7 on eBay) £100 delivered
  17. S

    Rear silencer for CLK430

    I blew my tail pipe section off my rear silencer on saturday under hard acceleration. does anybody have any ideas apart from a merc dealer where I can get a new rear silencer.
  18. D

    2001 c270cdi s203 rear silencer box

    Need to replace the above but can seem to find a OEM part at any local exhaust centre, are these mercedes only parts and how much would one of these be?
  19. SilverSaloon

    Wanted - rear silencer (back box) e300d w124 estate

    Hi I need a rear silencer for a 1994 E300D estate. I'm looking for a good brand. "As new" 2nd hand one would be fine, as would a new good pattern part. Must be a good brand as I can get cheap ones on ebay.... thanks derek
  20. matty.13

    c32 resonator delete (silencer)

    hi id like to get a bit more noise from my c32 . have seen a couple of videos on youtube of some cars that have had a resonator delete . read some where that you have to cut out the the secondary cats . i dont really fancy doing that tbh . is there a sliencer or something that could be removed...
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