1. clk320x

    Car photography sites

    As this weekend looks to be promising, would like to go for a drive and get some good pictures of the CLk. can anyone recommend any locations around 30 miles vicinity to Northampton? Don't mind travelling a bit further too, anywhere in Midlands or london would be great Cheers
  2. gr1nch

    VIN lookup sites - anything fishy?

    Apologies for the long post up front. I tend to do them from time to time. This whole area of preventing bad things happen to my car (and my family by extension) has got me very interested. I was curious having obtained my new car's VIN before picking it up of looking it up for fun and to check...
  3. Merty

    Anyone a member of other Merc Sites which give 10% off ?/

    Hi guys, Not sure if i am allowed to mention other websites which are MB forums and such on here but i have found two of them where you pay an annual fee and you get all kind of benefits such as 10% main dealer parts and service. 5% ferry travell 20% off RAC and so on. Is anybody on here a...
  4. D

    Compare the comparison sites?

    I've always felt as though the comparison sites needing their own comparison sites...:confused: BBC News - Switching sites hiding best energy deals, claims rival Could be bad publicity if this story gets wind behind it...
  5. general patten

    Pls help....Web sites

    Wots the best web site to buy parts for my 1996 220 CE rubbers,exhaust,lights,new or used.
  6. E

    Any similar sites?

    Any similar sites to this one?
  7. MercFanUk

    Speed test sites

    Hi all - does anyone know of a speed test site that can handle very large speeds during evenings without lagging due to server loads? Want to make sure its not my line that is at fault and it's the speed test sites instead... Tried the BBMax and sites - but they show fluctuating...
  8. pagzzy

    car auction or buyers sites ?

    hi guys i was wondering if any one has used a auction site or we will buy any car sites to sell there previous cars. im in 2 minds with the current recession i think private buyers maybe har to come and may have to look into other ways of selling my previous car. has anyone had any...
  9. E

    Any Good Sites selling official Mercedes Interior parts?

    Im looking for some official Merc. mats but it doesn't seem I can find em anywhere
  10. duncanh

    Posting same question on many sites

    I have to admit that I am a member of more than one Mercedes Benz Owner forum. However, if I have a question to ask or a point to make, I chose the one that I think would be most appropriate, or likely to get the best answers. I have a pet hate when I find exactly the same post on the two...
  11. M

    Those Web sites - do they?

    Prompted by a banner ad that just appeared at A N Other Mercedes forum... Supposedly the web site buys cars in to retail at the giant car supermarkets. Having an '03 Civic to sell, I just tried the Web site and got a valuation of £3160 - acceptable to me if only to avoid the...
  12. Spinal

    Search Multiple Auction Sites Does what it says on the tin - searches various auction sites, eBay QXL, etc... Michele
  13. Gucci

    Where are good sites for Merc accessories?

    Where can I find W163 ML accessories like AMG style grilles or command units, chrome rings for dials and heater controls? Ta! :)
  14. Alfie

    Found a couple of good Broadband testing sites.

    Whilst investigating why I'm only getting 17MBit:rolleyes: from my internet connection, I came across these two sites; This one allows you select various testing servers around the world. London and Derby give the best results for me:rolleyes: Interestingly I can get...
  15. esox

    Google Earth interseting sites.

    Or should that be sights? Here`s a couple from me. First a historic one; 21 21 54 N 157 56 59 W and a motoring-related one; 52 02 41 N 0 31 57 W (copy and paste as-is to GE search box)
  16. stats007

    Favourite car dealer sites

    I am searching for a C215 CL500 or a R129 SL500 and have exhausted my usual sites such as eBay / Autotrader / Compucars etc. Does anyone have any favorite dealers or search engines that they use? My List: Auto Barn Auto Trader Carrera Compucars Duncan Hamilton Exchange & Mart Motoring...
  17. grasmere

    Recommended internet holiday sites ?

    Well I guess the title says it all ! Sue and I are looking for a last minute break in mid July and have been frustratingly searching a couple of websites eg which is quite good and which is not :( There are a lot of rubbish slow sites and one cannot...
  18. J

    Speed Camera sites

    Notice today that the AA have published a road map complete with camera sites. Does anybody know if it is possible to program Comand with this information in order that it can warn of an upcoming camera site ?
  19. PJH

    What type of web sites do you visit most ?

    As a spin-off from the 'Donations' thread..... ...what type of web sites do you visit most ? POLL will run for 1 month.
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