1. S

    CLS 20 inch tyres. confusion over sizes.

    Hi. Can anyone point me in a right direction.been all over internet and online shop selling tyres giving different size compare to charts. I've looked online and so far best tyre size for my alloys: 20x8.5J ET35 255/35/20 (245/30/20 in online shop) 20X10J ET35 275/35/20 or 275/40/20 or...
  2. clk320x

    w209 speaker sizes

    Hi guys, Does anyone know all the speaker sizes and how many speakers are fitted to a w209 CLK coupe (2003). Thanks
  3. Palmer

    Amg Monoblocks tyre sizes

    Picked up some bargain AMG monoblocks. Im not into stretch tyres, they are going on the Superturbodiesel. What tyre sizes do i need? Staggered fitment: 18x9j and 18x8j
  4. S

    Odd Tyre Sizes

    Hi guys, I'm used to having a wider cross section tyre on the rear of my old M3 but I've never seen a different profile until now? I have 225/40/19's front and 255/35/19's on the rear? I've also been used to running Michelin PSS's and was slightly surprised to have Dunlop SportMax on the...
  5. Pegasus64

    C270 02 tyre/wheel sizes

    Hi what is the standard size wheel and tyres on a 2002 c270 avengarde and what is the best sizes to have? Regards Simon
  6. J

    W245 speaker sizes?

    Can anyone confirm the speaker sizes in the W245? I think they are 16.5cm in the front doors Either 10cm or 13cm in the rear doors. Not sure about the central dash mounted speaker?
  7. S

    Tyre sizes .. need some advice please

    Hi Just got myself a nice 2004 SLK 200. Very happy with it apart from one thing. Previous owner had two new rear tyres fitted ( standard 16" alloys ) they are 255x55x16 instead of the normal 255x50x16 They look a bit odd as they literally fill the wheel arch and look a little "balloon " like -...
  8. Leeroy

    anyone help with wheel sizes

    Hi guys I have posted here before regarding alloy wheels.....and have seen the ones I fancy ( to fit a 62 plate E350 W212)..can someone tell me if 20" x10.5" wide will fit under the rear arches without rubbing?...they are staggered and the fronts are 9.5....or do I go with 19"x 8.5 fronts and...
  9. M

    E350 Sport 2009 tyre sizes

    Will 17 inch wheels 7.5J and 8.5 J 225.45 front 245.40 rear fit on an E350 Sport with staggered 18 inch wheels and will they require any spacers?
  10. N

    True AMG tyre Sizes

    Hi All, Just a quick question. I have a 2003 CLK (Convertible) When the car was bought from new the chap upgraded the wheels to the AMG ones. When I put the reg into the kwick-fit website it brings up tyre sizes that don't look right. I have 225/40/18 and 255/35/18 The website...
  11. E

    W211 E55 wheel sizes

    Does any body have any pictures along with specs of wheels they have fitted to there E55's? Does anybody know what size you can put on before you have any rubbing issues? Thanks in advance :thumb:
  12. M

    W219 CLS Speaker Sizes

    Can anyone tell me what sizes the standard factory fit speakers are in the w219 cls? or what size they can actually take if replaced with aftermarket? Its not h&k just standard
  13. Sheffield Col

    different sizes.

    Hi, I have 245/40/17w. on the rears and 225/45/17w. on the front. Car is 2009 C class 220 cdi sport, diesel automatic. Is this a good combination or not ? If not then what tyres would be best, 245/40/17w,all round or 225/45/17w all round ? I ask because I know next to nothing about tyres. They...
  14. E

    '94 R129 wheels and tyre sizes

    Firstly, I apologise for the lack of exact detail, but would/should a set of 16 in. alloys off a 2008 C-class (saloon, diesel, 2.0 or 2.2 engine - she thinks..; they also fit a 2010 E-Class) with 225/55/16 tyres fit a 1994 R129? I'm looking for something to use pro tem while I mull over what to...
  15. E

    Will these wheels sizes fit......

    Hi all I currently have a Mercedes e350 (w207). Will the following alloys size fit on mine, 8x18 et 45 all four?
  16. brucemillar

    Wheel Bolt Sizes Please?

    Folks Can somebody please tell me what the correct size wheel bolts are for my W203 C55 AMG with stock wheels?
  17. IMD

    Recommended tyres and tyre sizes for AMG Splits?

    Hi all, I've just purchased a set of staggered 18 inch 2 piece AMG split rims for my R129. They are 8.5 J front and 10 J rear. Does anyone know what the recommended tyres size would be. As an example, I've been told that it is both 265 and 275 for rear, so confused. Also, what tyre brand /...
  18. J

    W203 wheel sizes

    Hi Guys, I am new so bear with me I have tried scouring other threads to no avail (prob never looked hard enough). I have just bought a 2006 W203 CDI 220 it has 19inch AMG wheels and they have as I now find out been previously welded. I don't like the idea. Can anyone tell me the correct...
  19. JohnJ

    Different wheel sizes

    Hello to all - Newbie here, I did an intro in new members a couple of weeks ago. I now have the W203 - done just over 1000 miles in first week and pretty pleased with it. I wonder if someone might be kind enough to educate a little re the wheels as they are slightly different front and rear -...
  20. D

    Viano Tyre Sizes

    I have a Viano on 17" Merc alloys, but the tyres are a non-standard size, 235/55/17. 225 seems to be the norm. Any Viano owners know if these would have been fitted by the previous owner for better ride or handling, or if it was just the owner buying what was available cheap? (I own a Volvo...
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