1. kit17

    Audi in icy conditions, massive slide!

    Looks like he's driving way to fast for conditions, massive slide - Huge Slide for a Huge Crash
  2. WDB124066

    What coating for new 124 headlights to make insects slide off?

    I have a replacement pair of headlights that I am going to fit, but before I do I thought it would make sense to coat them with something that will make the many many insects we get here just slide off. One of those Gtechniq type products - any suggestions; also for grille and bumper boomerangs...
  3. 300CE

    Does anyone have a blind bearing slide hammer tool available?!

    This is a bit of a long shot, but do any of you lovely people have a blind bearing slide hammer tool they would be happy to lend me this weekend (within the south east london/north kent area)?!?! I am in the process of replacing the transmission bearings on my xmax 250 scooter, but...
  4. Godot

    M25 Cha Cha Slide (army style)

    ohuV_ff6tLc:eek: After a car crash on the M25, these Irish blokes do the cha cha slide and get joined by the boys in the armed forces !
  5. big_amg

    Nokia 6500 slide black

    As title, in excellent condition, fully working with charger, headset and usb cable. has had very little use. originally on orange but unlocked to all networks. £50 plus p&p or cash on collection from east london. lovely little phone.

    Sl r107 seat slide bushes

    HELP ! Have just stripped down the seat frames on my 450SL , only to find that a couple of the slides/nylon bushes are missing from the adjuster rails. Does anyone know the part number , and from where they may be available please ? :confused:
  7. moonloops

    W209 tilt slide sunroof problem

    I've got the tilt but no slide? Is it likely to be a fuse or motor (hopes for fuse) thought I'd check here before mucking about with it.. :D
  8. ringway

    Copying a picture from a slide show. Is it possible?

    Is it possible to capture/copy an image from a slide show? TIA, Paul.
  9. W

    Incredibly silly thing to do in a slide?

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  10. I

    Slide Show to CD-R Software

    Does anyone happen to know if there is any free software out there that will allow me to put my holiday pics in slide show form and then burn it to a CD-R? I have an old version of Nero 3 on my laptop which claims to be able to do this but when you put the CD-R into a computer or DVD player...
  11. AANDYY

    Nokia 6500 slide - update

    Hello has any one done what I have done. Updated phones software/firmware, don't know which it is, and the battery drains much quicker! Before I could go 2-3 days, little use and then charge but know, same conditions and I have to charge everyday, battery indicator saying about 1/4 left, thats...
  12. kraftwerk

    R129 armrest slide button

    Mine's broken - was broken when I bought the car. I understand the button can be replaced. Any idea where's the best place to buy a replacement? Thanks in advance.
  13. 5

    Nokia 6500 Slide

    Used but excellent condition. Boxed with 2GB mem card and leather case. Will take £90 shipped anywhere in the UK. Slight scratching on rear but screen perfect with original protective film.
  14. 5

    Nokia 6500 Slide Brand New + Accessories

    Upgrade phone from 3. Selling to buy Nokia E71. Just opened from box and tried out - not used. Original screen protector and all original accessories included. I have: - Nokia 6500 Slide Opened box, Unit tested & all fully working - All original accessories - + 2GB Sandisk...
  15. Spinal

    Plastic Slide Boxes

    So I'm getting my slides digitalised... problem is, I have several large autoloader reels that I don't want to mail. I'm transferring those slides into spare slide boxes (the ones that slides usually come in when you get them processed), but I'm running out... I found these...
  16. glojo

    What slide in radio\navigation system?

    Good morning everyone, My wife has had to go up to Lincolnshire to visit her uncle and mother who are both unwell. The daft old bat has insisted in taking up the Sprinter to put some miles onto it. (yes, I am worried about her) This vehicle has an excellent navigation system, BUT it is fitted...
  17. PJH

    SLK residuals slide

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