1. ringway

    I know my Wildlife and that's a Snake! Erm, maybe not...

    I'm interested in nature and wildlife and like to think I have gathered a reasonable knowledge over the years. A few weeks ago, I spotted something on a local footpath that (especially at first sight) had me flummoxed and wary. Was it a snake? This is the view from above...
  2. Druk

    Snake Belt Blues.

    Not a song title but a story of Non OEM parts. Bought in error from a well respected vendor on here a couple of belts for a 300TD. On the left an unworn belt. Centre: after the burning in process...and right...a Merc OE belt. So: fitted the Non OE belt and everything is hunky-dory...
  3. sinewave

    How to deal with a troublesome Snake!

    Show him the V O L T A G E! :eek:
  4. M

    Man in park caught playing with his snake

  5. K

    Largest dead snake ever found
  6. mbzclk

    Car Products... (Snake Oils, Additivies)

    Hi As some of you know I recently got a CLK 230K, Was wondering if its worth using any products such as: Forte Gas Treatment / Injector Cleaner etc (unsticks stuck tappets etc) Valvoline products etc... what ones do you recommend if any and why... Is it really needed? - I dont even...
  7. NW_Merc

    Snake scores a birdie
  8. A

    snake oil anyone?

    run your car on water
  9. Robby

    snake oil

    Whilst skimming around ebay I saw this. What do you kids think of it? I'm tempted to dig out the compression tester and see how my 190E is after 12 years and 111000 miles of abuse, but you do think this could work, or is it more likely to go and clog the oilways leading to the head?
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