1. T

    Sold ML to we buy anycar

    Just sold my wife's ML280, it was a 2008 that we bought ex demo at 4 months old, offered 5500 in part X for a new GLC, offered 6200 from an independent that we use for servicing. Got 6800 from we buy anycar minus 75 transaction fee and 29.00 to get the money within 30 mins. All went through...
  2. S

    Please Help Sold S class with E class engine

    Good Evening I am seeking urgent help and advise, I brought a Mercedes 2011 S350 Blue Efficiency only to discover initially after doing all the research that the car was sold as "Not Fit for Purpose" I was told the car only needed a new crank sensor and replacement handbrake shoes by the...
  3. Indigo

    How many 129's sold each year in the UK ?

    129 SL's sold ? Does anyone have access to final sales figure of 129 sold each year and the breakdown of engine sizes in the UK ? Particulay wondered how many 500's and 600's were sold of the final facelift (99-01) as other than the silver arrows the 500 and 600's seem rare as hens teeth with...
  4. S

    First post! Just sold 2013 GT-R, now looking for c63

    Hi guys , Just sold my 2013 GT-R (stage 4.25 with 665bhp) and looking for a C63 AMG , have a budget of around 35k-40k . Are there any "must have" options ?
  5. streetsupercars

    did anyone buy the 1000sec 560 that was being sold

    Another car I should have bought It was white with tan suede leather on a G reg I think Would be nice to know if it went to a club member !
  6. Lenny63

    Just sold the best car I've ever owned ... C43 Bit gutted ...but onwards and upwards !!!
  7. D

    ultra rare widebody sec sold

    1985 MERCEDES 500 SEC AUTO WHITE Lorinser widebody AMG | eBay
  8. Z

    M6 Toll Road being sold

    Well the loss making M6 toll Road is up for sale,the original owners packed in years ago,unable to show a profit,so it is the consortium of banks who took it over that are trying to sell it now,they seem to think now is the right time to sell,they want somewhere around £2 billion for it,of...
  9. grumpyoldgit

    Father coaxes son into stealing back car he sold two years earlier.

    A word of warning if your Mercedes came with only one key. Get the missing key removed from the cars system with STAR. Father coaxes son into stealing back car he sold two years earlier « Express & Star
  10. fab1975

    Pensioner gets £85,000+ payout after Porsche dealer sold ‘his’ car

    Pensioner gets £85,000+ payout after Porsche dealer sold ?his? car Justice has been done... eventually :thumb:
  11. MB-BTurbo

    Cars sold with 226g/km

    Why are cars sold in the UK with 226g/km here in the UK? I was flirting with the idea of a CLC which would need to be the CLC230 model before noticing it puts out 1g/km over the 'nonsense' car tax threshold. With so much money invested into designing, marketing a car etc why fall short by...
  12. M

    Sold my car - Experience Of ABC

    Today I sold my my S500, what a beautiful car it was, it had every feature under the sun and was lovley but drive but god dam the ABC mechanism on the car is the absoultley £$£"" thing ever. It just had a mind of its own about when it would decide to brake. I would go to work everything would...
  13. nick mercedes

    59% of new car "sold" now on contract rental

    "So popular have the new PCP deals become that, in in the twelve months to July 2015, the number of new cars bought by people using them was 705,000." "That was nearly 59% of all private new cars sold in the UK during that period" ""A C-class Mercedes can cost just the same as a Mondeo in...
  14. JamesRan

    S65 AMG - Sold

    Today was a sad day. The car is now sold. It was my dream car for the best part of 10 years. The reasons for selling: 1. I live in South London and to get anywhere to open it up is a long drive and sitting in traffic 2. I have only driven it once a week on average for the last year, and...
  15. S

    Sold My SLK

    Well currently not a Mercedes owner as put SLK32 AMG up for sale on Ebay on Weds Night at 8pm and sold it 45minuites later and buyer picked it up today. He was a collector of cars and was going to put mine back to as new and store it believing it will become a classic. So glad she has gone to...
  16. The _Don

    Sad day i just sold my amg black.
  17. Sp!ke

    17" OZ AMG three piece wheels for sale - 2 good, 2 not so good ***NOW SOLD***

    I am selling my staggered 3 piece OZ AMG wheels. These are suitable for a R129 for definite, perhaps a W124 widebody and I think a W126. Last year I discovered cracks in one of the wheels and having removed all four wheels, it turns out that two have cracks so I am selling the set of 4 wheels...
  18. E

    SOLD IT, yeeee !

    Looks like i have a buyer :wallbash: Great! please consider it sold as i am willing to pay your full asking price because i need to buy it for my cousin asap, i have read through the advert and i'm totally satisfied with it,sadly i would not be able to come personally to collect due...
  19. D

    tidy 1996 s320 100k miles with mot sold as seen spares or repairs

    1996 Mercedes Benz S320 W140 | eBay
  20. mbenz1977

    Mercedes wheel trims sold as singles £10 each

    Call 07944594949 I have x3 in total
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