1. F

    Disable seat belt warning sound - W164

    Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to disable the passenger side seat belt warning sound in a 2005 W164 ML320, and if yes how. If this topic has already been covered elsewhere, could you please direct me to the thread. Many thanks.
  2. sherco450

    e240 w210 reading light frequency sound

    the high frequency sound coming from the centre ceiling reading light unit is becoming unbearable that the radio wont even mask the sound . before l get stuck into pulling the unit apart .. any help will be great thanks
  3. zenman63

    rubbing sound at 20 mph C200K

    Just picked up a nice clean C200k coupe MY05 What sounds like a wheel bearing noise, rubbing spinning, only at 20 23 mph then goes, just had the hubs off, bearings look fine, I changed one side and cleaned and re greased with a new seal the other, look fine, no marks anyway. Sat in the back...
  4. V12

    W220 s class sound system upgrades

    I thought I would share this on this forum as well. Just in case it's helpful to anyone. The standard audio in the s class is better than most cars but still far from any good. The weakest point is the complete lack of any sort of bass. Having turned into an IB junkie over the past 8 years...
  5. V12

    R320cdi Sound system Problem

    Car is a 56 Plate LWB R320cdi with Harman Kardon, COMAND, phone system and rear entertainment options. Everything working happily one day. Went to the car the next and no sound. Everything appeared to work fine on the comand, just no audio from any source at all. Plugged it on to star...
  6. tmwsccsh

    No sound from Stereo

    Evening All, Having had the SL500 now for about 3 weeks I thought it was time to get the Stereo working - it is a Sony CDX-M630 aftermarket unit and was constantly saying "Code In". The previous owner didn't have it and had never used it. Thanks to the power of Google I got a list of...
  7. S

    Peashooters can sound quite good

    BMW Dreizylinder-Testfahrt als Turbo-Benziner mit 130 kW, verbaut im 1er F20 - YouTube :eek:;)
  8. D

    engine sound

    is there any one good with diesel i am getting a rattling sound when i put my foot down and and when you start to off putting your its like a pinking sound i know on petrol cars if the timing was out you would same times get pinking when you put your foot down would this be the same for...
  9. C

    Clicking sound when ignition turned on

    Hi there, I've got a clicking sounds coming from the rear right hand side of the car when I turn on the ignition. Lasts for about ten seconds. Garage says it's likely to be the power supply control unit, which determines which battery to charge. Problem is - it's 557 plus VAT to replace...
  10. C

    Clicking sound from off-side rear for 10s when ignition on

    Hi All, I've got quite a loud clicking sound coming from the off-side rear of a 2002 R230 SL55 when I start the car. Only lasts about 10 seconds. I've been told it's probably a Power Control Unit, which will be 557 plus VAT to replace (!). Any ideas before biting the bullet?
  11. P

    1999 CLK320 no audio sound

    I hope someone here can help. I picked up the car this week, and the radio had no sound. Everything else works, it's an Audio 10 . I managed to find another head unit to try, a Sony HU, and there is still no sound. Can anyone tell me if the speaker signal passes thru another unit before reaching...
  12. O

    Bose Lifestyle 30 Series 2-surround sound home cinema-White-Extra outdoor speakers

    Hi All, here is a Bose Lifestyle 30 Series 2-surround sound home cinema-White-complete with 2 sets of extra self amplified speakers, there is only 2 pictured but we got 4 extra speakers all together. 2 remote controls, one for the head unit and one for the other room or outdoor speakers, depend...
  13. M

    2011 c220 cdi and c250 cdi facelifts sound NOISY?

    hi guys i noticed a few of these models when passing buy to be a bit noisy and rattlely or could it be just the fact the car just been started and driven cold. also do these new facelift engine in the diesels stay at the same noise level or do they get louder as for e.g mileage reach about 40k...
  14. P

    Aircon causing hiss sound from passenger door – why?

    It’s taken me some time to narrow down, but this highly unlikely scenario has recently started on my 1997 SL320 with standard non-Bose hi-fi system. By setting the Climate control unit to diagnostic mode I can see the temperature of the refrigerant at the aircon evaporator varying between...
  15. SAFC

    W203 - Speakers or Sound System fault?

    I've a 54 W203 C Class C270 and I'm starting to get the occasional failure of speaker channels. Mostly it's the driver’s side speaker but sometimes the passenger side. If I lift the volume I usually get the fault to go away. Alternatively I can adjust the Balance to put all power to the speaker...
  16. R

    R129 sl500- how to make it sound better

    Im loving the new car, but cant help but feel it could sound sexier--it has a V8 after all. Im looking for more warble/growl Any non tacky german engineered suggestions?
  17. BenzedUP

    H/K Sound system in C55

    Hi, Not sure if this is n issue but the H/K sound system in my c55 seems crap, for a start you can turn up the sound up but it won't let you turn it up to the max, (doesnt seem loud enough) compared to the Bose in my c320 the sound system is much better. Not sure if this is just on mine? C55...
  18. neilz

    Whirring sound - a bit like a buzzer?

    When my car is idling, there is a loud whirring/humming sound almost like a hazard buzzer half way along the car (or so) on the driver's side. The car drives fine (fuel consumption is getting dire so taking it in for that Halfords 'Fuel Service Plus' soon (worked wonders on my old 124)) but that...
  19. Pitts Pilot

    Naff 2” speakers in a Bose surround sound system!

    Although I usually prefer the sound from the two door speakers alone, I have recently been experimenting with the Bose ‘Surround’ setting on the system in my R230, and to this end I removed the long plastic panel behind the seats that covers the two rear speakers. It turns out they are 2 inch...
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