1. Peter Michaels

    Grinding sound

    Hello. When the car is stationary with the engine running. The gear is set to drive and i just play slightly with releasing the brake pedal very slowly, a medium loud grinding sound comes up which lasts until the brake is fully released and the car starts rolling. If i release the brake...
  2. R

    Sound of water in my E Class coupe

    We've had a fair bit of rain recently as you know. Iv started to hear a wooshing water noise whenever I hit the brakes in my E Clsss coupe I can hear a tide of water. I can't work out where it's coming from. It's under warranty so I'll be ringing Mercedes up but does anyone have an idea of what...
  3. C

    CLS 320 (C219) metallic front end sound

    Hello, Can you help me with the following matter. Recently a metallic knock sound started every now and than on my 55 Reg cls 320. It sound like a mechanical sound, metallic knock. Could be the mechanics but tested them and no issues there.(front end mechanics changes 8 months ago)...
  4. K

    W221 S-Class Whooshing Sound

    Hi, I've recently noticed a loud whooshing sound coming from the left hand side of the engine bay when accelerating around 3000 revs. The car pulls fine and no issues with performance but the sound is rather concerning. I looked around the forums and seen the intercooler pipe as being a...
  5. C

    CLK 270CDI 2004 Whoosing or Sucking sound?

    Hi all New kid on the block so bear with me. Noticed last night that when I power on above 2500rpm I can hear a loud whooshing or sucking noise coming from what sounds like behind the glove box. It doesn't make the noise when static and revved only when driving. Could this be a leaky...
  6. Mr-Goose

    Metal scratching sound coming from rear wheel

    I've had my 2012 E350 Coupe about three or four weeks. I have a sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. I generally can only hear it when driving at fairly low speeds. At first I though a rogue bit of bodywork was loose and rubbing against the wheel. I've had a look and can't see...
  7. D

    Burmeister Surround Sound

    It must be me.... Every time I set my the Surround Sound to On or Off and then select which part of the car I want the sound to focus on eg.. left/right/middle it reverts to the middle setting after a few minutes. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Jalalul

    Rattle sound around 1500rpm

    Hey guys. Hope your all good. Iv noticed a rattle sound from my C200 CDI 2009 when I step it a bit around 1500 rpm. I thought it was the DPF clogging up so I forced Regened the car but it still occours. The noise just randomly appeared and I'm not sure exactly what it is. Anyone else experience...
  9. K

    Media only plays sound and no video on new W213

    Hi everyone, new member, this is my first post, I have a new W213 E Class. I have copied a DVD to the memory stick and saved as an MP4 file. When trying to play it in the car it plays as sound only with no video Am i missing something ?
  10. J

    B Class Aircon makes a hissy whispy sound through air vents and loss of cold air

    I've had my a/c re-gassed 3 times now in the last 12 months, my local independent garage did it twice (April 2016 and September 2016) and the most recent was 35 days ago at Kwik Fit - none of them could find a leak and now it has lost it's cold air again :( I do hear a strange...
  11. Handydave

    Noise Deadening Blanket - any views?

    I love my 2014 W212 E220SE (well C207 actually - it's a Coupe). Although it is very quiet at motorway speeds, it's a bit clattery at idle. Has anyone used one of these noise deadening blankets? Are they any good?
  12. M

    Retro fit sound system in CLK W208 Cab.

    Hi, I have a a 2001 CLK320 W208 fitted with standard Audio 10 and the temperamental standard six cd loader in the boot. I want to fit an updated sound system. In an ideal world keep all the steering wheel controls. Also, use the phone controls connected to my iPhone ideally by Bluetooth. There...
  13. M

    E63 Exhaust sound on the road.

    Hi All, When I got my C63 I done a video of the exhaust whilst driving, finally got out today with the E63 to do the same. Surprising how very quite it is until its under load. Please excuse the pretty rough editing. C63 for comparison for...
  14. G

    Under-bonnet sound proofing

    There's no factory sound-proof kit for W169, so I am looking at DIY options... Most of what I see advertised as under-bonnet sound proofing, comes with aluminium foil top layer, e.g. this: Fire Retardant Self adhesive Foil backed PE Foam Under Car Bonnet 1m x 1m x 8mm | eBay...
  15. T

    COMAND no sound?

    Guys, anyone ever had this issue before? My COMAND doesnt have any sound, all other functions work, sometimes it comes on and cuts out every 5-10 seconds and then it comes on again. sometimes its a hit or a miss, sound working on startup or no sound at all checked fuses and they all...
  16. A

    iPhone notifications only have sound via Bluetooth not USB

    Bit of a strange one but my iPhone sound notifications (mail, text, cyclops speed camera alerts) will only work if the phone is connected via Bluetooth whilst playing music but not when I connect via the USB cable. When I'm not playing music on the phone, both methods, USB and Bluetooth will...
  17. M

    E63 engine sound

    Hi All, A bit of a strange one but does anyone have a video clip they could upload of the 5.5 at idle with the bonnet up? I'm picking one up later in the week and I thought the auxiliary belt area seemed fairly noisy, the dealer obviously said it was fine. It has 1 month Mercedes warranty...
  18. Alfie

    Burmester Sound issues

    Since taking delivery of the W205 I have been very unimpressed by the sound quality of the Burmester system fitted to it. The HK in my A class is way better. The Burmester suffers badly from a lack of bass. It seems that very little bass is getting to the two sub woofers in the footwells...
  19. A

    No clicking sound when parking brake is engaged

    Hi, On my W211 I used to hear a clicking sound when parking brake was engaged. I cann't get the brake stop light in instrument cluster ever since the clicking sound disappeared. The parking brake works though because when i press the pedal to engage parking brake it works (I cannot see the...
  20. Sylvo

    SL R129 Engine Sound Proofer

    Can anyone recommend sound proofing for under the bonnet and where to source. The car is in great condition but due to age the under bonnet sound proofing is starting to deteriorate and I would like to reinstate as am starting to detail the engine bay etc. I am not worried about original stuff...
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