1. Palfrem

    Dodgy email spam, but initially convincing

    Got an email purportedly coming from a company called Viktorsteel. "Dear Mr Full, correct name used, We are now processsing (sic) your order (nine digit number here) , please find your order details below: Your order has been placed and In Stock items will be sent to the address shown...
  2. Druk

    Email sender getting spam message

    So this is a genealogist that I regularly communicate with in Germany. Last night she tried to send me a mail with a couple of small attachments and it came back at her that my email was a spam address. We've exchanged mails for the past four months without trouble and she sent me the refusal...
  3. Druk

    PM notifications now coming as spam?

    Just a heads-up peeps. It's never done this before but today I got two PM's but with no email notifications thereof. Checking my server spam folder there they were. :fail That's a new one after all these years :dk:
  4. Jeff666

    Letterbox Spam

    I don't usually look at this stuff (honest) but...:eek: Bubble Wrap Suit | Gifts & Gadgets | Presents for Men There are depths and then there are other depths!!
  5. S

    C43 - Spam???

    This car was for sale in the summer for buy it now £3k Now up for a lot more and the cheeky faak has lifted my write up straight off my old ad. Spam?
  6. N

    Spam: Do you unsubscribe or just delete?

    I was wondering if people hit the unsubscribe button on junk mail or does this just alert the spammer to a live address? Been receiving junk / spam email from big, brand name companies with non big brand name email addresses, which I delete en block unopened 99% of the time.
  7. developer


    Spam city on the Used Car Warranty thread - worth a glance before the mods zap them.
  8. B

    Just got my Bilsteins & H&R's fitted :)

    As per title, fitted today, transformed the road manners of the car & now feels like the performance saloon my C43 should have been. Big thanks to Olly at PCS for sourcing the springs shocks & spring pads for me :thumb: A wee before & after pic selection. Before After Cheers Mark
  9. BlackC55

    PCS is now an agent for BMC air filters and Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses

    Hi all. I am now an agent for BMC air filters and Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses. I was approached by them and after seeing and trying both of their products I am happy to say the quality is excellent. Frequently asked questions | AIR FILTERS BMC | AIR FILTER | CAR | MOTORCYCLE |...
  10. BlackC55

    BMC filters on the C43

    I have just fitted a set of BMC filters to the C43. I have fitted them to my RENNtech carbon airbox. They will also fit a standard C43 too. BMC make filters for most F1 engines, world toring cars ETC so I thought I would give them a try. The advantage is that they are lifetime filters that can...
  11. M


    Did a trip to pcs olly did a good job.:thumb: a few complications getting my glow plugs out.:( nice to see the good standards they work too.
  12. P

    A poorly Bentley Azure, suffering typical factory defects....

    Hi chaps, Thought I'd just pop this video of a lovely Bentley Azure I detailed last year, the car was suffering from the usual da sanding marks from factory and the wash swirls plus a nice football scuff on the bonnet. Hampshire Vehicle Detailing Vs Bentley azure Detail - YouTube Hope...
  13. L

    PCS (surprise, surprise)

    Hi all, Havent posted here since joining a while ago, but I am an avid reader. I first noticed all the amazing comments about PCS's work on this forum nearly two years ago when we bought our E55. I went straight to them after purchasing the car for a full inspection, and to correct any hidden...
  14. 0ptic

    CHEAP FLIGHTS!!!! Not spam I promise

    YouTube - Cheap Flights with subtitles
  15. ringway

    Scam, spam, or a threat?

    I received an email this morning in the spam folder and have treated it a such. I called their bluff by saying our company had gone into administration (we have not) and that the name would not be useable until taxes had been paid to HM Customs & Excise. I have also tracked and traced the...
  16. C

    Gozila penny auction

    Got a spam email: SNIP------------------------------------------- Dear XXXXXXXXXXX Claim your 10 BIDs bonus! We've missed you at Gozila auction and we'd love to see you again. In fact, we've missed you so much that we'll give you a 100% deposit match bonus of up to 20 pounds in...
  17. del320


    I've just cleared out 30 odd crucial messages from my web-based e-mail address's junk folder and was idly thinking: who in their right mind would fall for any of this rubbish and would even entertain opening stuff from individuals going by names such as: Margarito Paulson; Akiko Ifyheqzo...
  18. X

    HRMC Tax refund scam / spam

    Be aware....I have just received an email purporting to come from the HRMC telling me that I have a tax refund of about £280 due for the last fiscal year....the email asked me to fill in a form giving my master card details, maiden name of mother, date of birth and other key details.... I was...
  19. carnut

    Is this a New form of Spam

    Over the Xmas period I have received a number of Spam mails purporting to be from my own email account using my account name. Spam doesnt worry me but what does is Identity theft and this seems to be of that nature. If I can receive an email with my account as the sender so can anyone else...
  20. WLeg

    Exchange 2003 and Spam

    Sorbs / spamhaus etc.... What do any Exchange Admins (or other mail server Admins) use ? I've had mixed issues with SORBS (some of AOL's mail server are currently blocked).....What is the current trend ?
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