1. T5R+

    C Class 2010-13 Specifications Help

    Would like to better understand this car before buying and wondered if there is guide on this site or forum members could add their views? Really need to appreciate the pros/cons of the elegance vs sport and what "kit" comes with these cars and/or must have options. Essentially, the C63 is not...
  2. 190

    Specifications for W204

    Hi, Newby here although not new to Mercedes cars. My problem is that 21 years ago I bought a 5 year old 190e for a little over £9000 that's been a faithful servant ever since with very little costs other than routine servicing and I want to try and repeat the exercise with a W204. Surprisingly...
  3. imadoofus

    CLS Specifications

    Hello all, Some of you may remember me, I've not been around a lot for a few years, but thinking of coming back to the fold. I'm hoping someone can help me out with equipment (standard and optional) for a 2011/12 CLS. I'm looking for one at the moment, and the variation in equipment...
  4. H

    W124 clutch master cylinder specifications?

    Are there many different sizes of W124 clutch masters? I know that the older Mercs eg. W114, has a 19,05mm caliber cylinder. And I am of the understanding that the size is the same in W124. The problem is that I'm having difficulties in getting the clutch work properly in my W114/M104 swap...
  5. S

    What's the difference between avant-garde and elegance specifications

    Especially pertaining to an E class. Around an 03/04 especially. I know that the wood effect Is different and I am led to believe that the suspension is sportier on the AG I am sure this has been asked lots of times before but if you could bear with me being a relative newbie here :thumb:
  6. R

    W124 specifications

    Can someone give me a link please to specifications for all W124 models? Thanks. Rob.
  7. A

    ML 270 CDI Cylinder Head Bolts Torque specifications

    1.) Hi, I need to know what the torque specifications are on a 2000 model ML 270 CDI. 2.) Do I need to torque them only once, or again after +/- 1000Km driving as is the case with certain other vehicles? 3.) Can I use the same head bolts or should they be replaced with new head bolts?
  8. GordonTarling

    Shell Oil specifications

    Picked up my 'new' E320cdi from the dealer yesterday. :bannana: It's only just done 11000 miles, so they carried out the first service (oil change!) before I picked it up. On the 'Digital Service Report', they show the oil used as being 'Shell 5W40'. Now I've searched the Shell website and...
  9. pookiebear

    W124 E320 towing specifications

    Logging in as a newbie. Have just purchased a mint 93 E320 Estate. Is this vehicle up to towing a Horse float tare 890kg with 2 ponies of 300/400kg each All in 1700kg? Have tried searching with no results. What are the towing specs? I contacted a towball manufacturer who tells me this...
  10. S

    W107 SL specifications

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where to obtain the tech. specs. of the W107 SLs ? Easy enough to find them for the larger engined versions which is all the mags. ever road tested, but not for the 280/300 etc. Any brochures which can be downloaded ? There's a German brochure on eBay at...
  11. D

    Original Specifications

    Hi, I could do with a link to the best site which lists original specs. and equipment of MB passenger vehicles (at least back to 1990). Which are members favourite sites? If the info. is on the MB Club site please point me to it as I haven't found it. Thanks
  12. V

    R129 Specifications

    R129 1994 300SL 24v Specifications Quick couple of questions for you: 1994 300SL 24v....did the SL at this stage come with the rear seats, or was it an option. 2nd, was air-con an option...I presume it was and lastly, was the 5 speed autobox an option as per W124's and the 4 speed standard...
  13. K

    W124 Specifications required

    Would anyone be able to advise me of the horsepower and torque specifications for a 1989 300E. Any other relevant specifications would be appreciated. I would like to confirm whether the Euro models are superior to the US or Japanese units. Thank you.
  14. geek

    Wheel Specifications

    Can anyone tell me what the following means in my Merc Handbook. 8J x 16 H2 ET32 I know that 8 is the width in inches, 16 is the whell diameter, what about the H2 and ET 32. Thanks
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