1. Londonscottish

    Wanted; staggered twin spoke AMG 18's for 2010 E Class

    My wife came home with (yet another) new dress yesterday and apologised. I said "I don't mind if you buy dresses as long as I get to but some alloys" and she said "Why not?". So I'm going to take off on store the 17's with Winters on ready to sell in November and put some 18's on So I'm...
  2. B

    Cla 45 amg multi spoke light black

    Hi I am looking for a full set of 19" AMG light alloys in black? I was wondering if any one on here has a set for sale or if anyone works for Mercedes and could get me a discount :)
  3. D

    18" 5 twin spoke alloys

    I have a set (4) of mercedes 5 twin spoke alloys, from a w204 mercedes c class. These have the slightly wider rear alloys. They need a complete refurb. I purchased these as reserves when I had my c class, which I've subsequently sold, so no use for these now. The attached photo is a stock photo...
  4. Scooby_Doo

    19" AMG twin spoke alloys ??

    I have a mint 19" alloy which I bought as a replacement , but never fitted ,for a kerbed alloy on my 2013 E class coupe. When I sold the car I kept the wheel as I bought another E class coupe. Whilst looking at the wheel today I realised that it isn't fitted with a pressure monitoring valve as...
  5. N

    18" 22 Spoke Genuine AMG Alloy Wheels & Tyres

    Hi Everyone Really not sure I am doing the right thing, but set my heart on some 19" Alloys. So selling my Genuine AMG Alloys to fund the whim. All the rims are in excellent condition. Come with matching Pirelli P Zero Rosso Tyres with 4 - 5mm even tread all round. Front Wheels...
  6. G

    C63S 19" 5 Twin Spoke AMG Wheel

    Looking for a front 19" 5 Twin Spoke AMG Wheel which are standard on the C63S Coupe (silver/grey finish) Cheers.
  7. Miglia 888

    17" Hoedus 6 spoke alloy wheel 7.5J ET36 A2034013402 wanted for W203 C-class

    W203 C-class sport edition 17" "Hoedus" 6 spoke alloy front wheel 7.5J ET36 A2034013402 wanted. PM me if sensible price.
  8. F

    Wanted - 19" Double 7 Spoke Wheels

    Hi Am looking for 4 x 19" Double 7 Spoke Mercedes wheels to go on my W212 E350 CDI Saloon. Pic below. Thanks
  9. J

    Diamond cut alloy seven spoke

    To fit a 2011 c class w204 required. Cheers
  10. c_200k

    19" W212 facelift genuine 10 spoke Black/grey with polished lip

    Looking for these guys
  11. T

    18" w204 amg alloys 7 spoke

    I'm buying a set of used 18" 7 spoke w204 alloys tomorrow to replace my 17" ones. most of the sets i've seen for sale have a wider rear alloy but also a lower depth tyre, for example fronts are mostly 225/40/R18 and the rear are 255/35/R18. why the higher tyre on the front. probably a stupid...
  12. Kal_c63

    FS: 1x 19" black multi spoke C63 Alloy (Rear), Merc code B 6 6 03 1503

    Genuine C63 AMG Coupe alloy Black/diamond cut I have for sale 1x 19" black multi spoke C63 Alloy (Rear), Merc code B 6 6 03 1503 I had this on my new C63 for 1000 miles before kerbing outer edge. Apart from this the alloy is perfect. I have been quoted £85 for a professional diamond cut...
  13. J

    SWAP/SELL AMG 8.5x18" 22 Spoke for BRABUS Monoblocks

    I have a set of these, all the same condition, unmarked, would like to SWAP/SELL/PX for Brabus 18/19 Monoblocks if possible. London Based. Jet
  14. J

    Any tips for cleaning multi cross spoke alloys?

    My alloys look great but are a pain to clean being multi cross spoke with, count it, roughly 60 gaps that needs inserting to clean per wheel! That's a total of poking some form of brush or cloth covered finger and giving it a good fingering excuse my French, 240 times for all 4 wheels. I...
  15. Lee C63

    C63 cracked multi spoke alloy......so time for new wheels

    Had the car in for a A service at MB Sunderland and they spotted a cracked alloy on the rear!!!!! They recommended a couple of places for a "weld repair" but stated the MB official line is a new wheel......and to be fair I wouldn't be comfortable knowing I had a repaired alloy on the car...
  16. S

    C63 19" Multi Spoke Diamond Cut

    Anyone got a set? How much do they go for? (Bear in mind I'm poor) Thank you :)
  17. uumode

    Part no. For W205 - standard 18 inch AMG LINE, 5 spoke alloy wheel

    I'm trying to get the cost for this alloy wheel, but the dealer doesn't know the part number either, and randomly quoted me £650+ VAT for a Himalayan grey AMG wheel. The AMG line is titanium.
  18. R

    4 W205 C63S genuine AMG 19" 5 double spoke alloys + black AMG hub caps.

    I have a set of genuine AMG alloys for sale. They are the 19" 5 double spoke wheels which are an option on the W205 C63 and standard, I think, on the C63S. Not sure if they'll fit other W205 C class models. The rim widths are 8.5 and 9.5 with offsets of 38 and 56. The wheels have never been...
  19. M

    Genuine 19" w212 amg 7 spoke rims

    Hi guys I have a set of these for sale in fantastic used condition, no cracks buckles or weld repairs, staggered fitment 8.5j fronts 9.5j rears. No tyres just the rims £1000.00 buys them Will upload pics soon I have plenty on my phone if you p.m me your number I'm happy to send them that way...
  20. B

    18" 5 Spoke AMG Alloys and Tyres

    I have recently changed the wheels on my C63 and have these for sale as a result. The wheels and tyres have done approximately 5 miles on them as they got changed as soon as I picked the car up. They have been on storage since. One wheel has a scuff on They have continentals on them plus the...
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