1. tonyc280

    Stability Control and ABS etc

    With a clear road and a slippy roundabout and raining hard i tried the stability control and ABS On my v6 C280 and am amazed how well it works. Suppose having Continental tyres helps enormously. Car feels quite nimble to be honest for such a big car. I'm well chuffed.
  2. H

    C63 amg Ppp stability concern?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and my c63. Finally bought one after trailing the net looking for months, got to say I love it to bits:thumb: I would be grateful if someone could advise on how to sort a couple of concerns I do have: The steering has an almost strange disconnected feeling to...
  3. D

    W168 ASR, ESP and stability - where exactly is the problem?

    My little A class handles well at normal conditions on good well-surfaced roads. Unfortunately, the car is in Bristol and not in Germany. As you have guessed there are not so many good roads here (thank you Bristol council). The surface is very bumpy, almost as if the tarmac was damaged by tree...
  4. city lights

    Stability on the road

    I didn't know where to put such an issue so I decided to do it here because after all it also has to do with ESP which belongs to the electronics. Is W203 more stable than 3 series from the same period? I mean when entering the curve and when making a low angle but fast steering at 60 or 80 or...
  5. A

    Stability question

    I've changed my front tyres into SportConti3's and i spent about 80 quid on each tyre (i know its expensive) but now whats bugging me is, the car feels slightly unstable at times while i'm driving even in a straight line, i can feel the steering wheel in my hand wanting (very weak though) to...
  6. altreed

    Stability Control

    Has anyone managed to turn off ASR/ESP on their pre facelift W202? Can you fit a switch to interupt the program or pull a fuse? I want to go drifting on a trackday and the stability control is a nuisance. :devil:
  7. C

    W210 - Poor ride and stability

    Having sorted the alignment, my 1997 E320 W210 Avantgarde ("sports" suspension) is still not riding right, IMHO. It wobbles/rocks from side to side far more than any car I've ever had before, it tends to twich out at the back when hitting a pot hole, and is far more "lively" than I expected...
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