1. Uky

    Statistics for AirMatic Problems W212?

    Hello. I am considering a W212 with AirMatic suspension. Having previously owned a CL, I then had some concerns about the ABC-system used in those vehicles although I never had any problems with that system. From what I have learned, the AirMatic compressor and the struts are almost equally...
  2. ringway

    UK Crime Statistics. Check your area.

    I'm considering moving to another area of England, some 200 miles from where I presently live. Although I have visited the areas I would like to relocate to, I thought it a good idea to do some research. The UK Crime Statistics site has been useful. LINK. I'm at the mercy of those who...
  3. markjay

    Statistics for you

    BBC News - What are the chances of six double-yolkers?
  4. Reedswood

    Mercerdes Benz MPG statistics

    Just thought I'd start a thread on how well your car performs in MPG (Miles Per Gallon) Be kind enough to participate in posting the following info (copy and paste the template into your post): -----------------------------------////\\\\--------------------------------- Model: Fuel: Garage...
  5. Spinal

    Statistics Help... (ANOVA/T-Test)

    I need a quick hand... I have some data, mainly falling into the following categories: * Operating System (Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Other) * Answer (Yes, No) * Other questions (format: selection from a set of string) I want to do some form of statistical analysis beyond averages...
  6. Nik_Endeavour

    MOT Failure Statistics

    Not a single Merc in sight! BBC - Open Secrets: MOT failure rates released
  7. H

    Some Geewiz Statistics

    Total UK vehicle parc (Cars) 27,000,000 of which 3 million (12%) are company cars Total new cars sold p.a. 2,200,000 of which 1.2 million (54%) are sold to fleets Total used cars sold p.a. 7,800,000 Total car sales p.a. (new & used) 10,000,000 Total UK commercial vehicle parc 429,000 Total...
  8. R

    Car reliability statistics

    Saw this recently :- The TCS (Switzerland’s AA) has published its “Pannenhilfe” (breakdown assistance) figures for 2004, that is, the makes and models to which TCS road patrols were called in the event of a breakdown. It gives some sort of vague picture of the reliability of cars. In descending...
  9. glojo

    Air travel and statistics

    Did you know that travelling by air is allegedly the safest means of travel? Mile for mile that is correct. BUT.............. In the UK the Royal Soceity for the Prevention of Accidents has stated that 'per journey' their are ten times more air fatalities compared to motor transport...
  10. R

    Statistics Show.....

    Oh dear - this is food for thought. 1. More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread users. 2. Fully HALF of all children who grow up in bread-consuming households score below average on standardized tests. 3. In the 18th century, when virtually all bread was baked in the home...
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