1. Jalalul

    Fuel Pump Fuse 6 Wire Hack

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if anyone has done this to their W204s. A Fuel Cut Off Switch, I believe someone tried to steal my car as I came back to it yesterday and realised someone had taken the ride chrome doortrim seal. And there was an increase in gap for the driver door handle...
  2. M

    Someone tried to steal my car

    Hey guys, today in the morning i spot that my door lock are abit damaged. Someone tried to steal my car BUT was unsuccessful !(*******s)! they used a hook i think and was trying to pull something there dunno Any help with reparing this? oh my i think i will remove interior door cover...
  3. fab1975

    Scum of the earth steal a Q7 in Birmingham

    Video: Man attacked in violent carjacking outside his own home - Telegraph Excuse my language folks... but I am totally lost for words!
  4. CSR

    This makes eBay one of a few weeks ago look a steal at £12,200

    Used 2002 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 AMG for sale in Rutland | Pistonheads
  5. npuk

    Why you shouldnt steal other peoples images for your ebay listing ....

    Audi TT Mk1 Fuel Filler Bolt Conversion | eBay
  6. Jukie

    W220 - easy to steal?

    A quick question about an 05 S320 Cdi (W220). Assuming the car is locked and secure using the key and the car only has the factory-fitted alam/immobiliser, how easy or otherwise is it to steal said car without the key? E.g. break into the car, wreck the ignition cowling and hotwire it. And...
  7. The _Don

    Video: Key fob reprogrammers steal bmw in 3 mins

    PistonHeads Headlines - Video: Key fob reprogrammers steal BMW in 3 mins
  8. developer

    Conveyancing - it's a steal.

    Appended to my "fixed price" conveyancing quote was this.... Bear in mind, during the SSTC process, many wobblers can occur, meaning these services might be called upon. Now I know they've been to legal school but really :eek:. Not even the South East or some big corporate firm - a father...
  9. B

    6th Most Popular car to steal - MSN "Although no longer part of the Mercedes lineup, the CLK remains popular with car thieves. Stealing the keys or taking the car through violence remain the most popular ways to nick a CLK. A recent trend, however, is to use...
  10. jdrrco

    What a steal!

    Mercedes 450 SLC 5.0L 1978 for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 101669) ok, so it needs some bodywork... :D
  11. R

    Gone in 60 Seconds - what is the Merc that N.Cage doesn't steal? Special key?Thanks

    Hi, Just wondering what the Mercedes that Nicholas Cage doesn't steal in Gone in 60 Seconds is. It's the one when he notices the cops might be watching him. I think it's a W124 coupe. The film is a 2000, and they go on about some "special key" that is used. Yet the key ithey show in...
  12. pamrit

    Hoodies steal Rooney's Merc

    Wayne's not going to be happy with his Dad:eek: Thieves make away with Wayne senior's £30K Mercedes. | News Of The World
  13. bobby

    Someone attempted to steal my wing mirror!?

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Just have to vent at the pathetic nature of certain individuals in today's society. Returning to my car last night after a hard day at work, I noted that someone of unspecified parentage had attempted to remove my driver's side wing mirror, failed, and in the process...
  14. Flyer

    Brits steal carloads of * Austrian roadsigns

    NSFW! (or children) Thought this was really funny - don't click if *easily* offended :D Normally, I'd post the text of the article, but on this occasion, probably best not to ;)
  15. R

    B Class - will it steal C Class customers?

    Any thoughts - I would imagine that many of the smaller engined C Class customers might buy B Class instead? I'm wondering, if it becomes reasonably popular, it might depress C-Class residuals?
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