1. S

    Wheel nuts

    Hi I have a Sprinter 2007 209cdi 88hp. It came with alloys on when i bought it but after a flat yesterday I discovered the spare steel rim wont fit because of the alloy bolts, so i went to Merc and bought some sprinter wheel bolts and they are too long. When questioned back at Merc they...
  2. stevenchu

    R107/ w126 14" steel wheel

    After a set of 4 thank, Steve
  3. A

    TYRES...Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. I want to know if anyone has any ide

    Sprinter 316 MWB on standard steel rims. Its a 2016 model.I want to know if anyone has any idea what is the biggest size tyres I could fit the rims that wont catch on the Van? I am going to go for off rd tyres so ideally a load rating would be good to know also. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. stevenchu

    R107 14" Steel wheels set

    If anyone got a set 14" steel wheel for sale please message me thanks
  5. mercmanuk

    tag heuer 4000 series steel

    tag heuer 4000 series steel owned from new 30 yrs never failed or looses time.has plenty of wear marks as would be expected but nothing serious.has 3 xtra links fitted to strap.comes in original box which is as new.might have purchase receipt but will check. looking to sell as ive just bought...
  6. I

    W218 CLS - Airmatic or Steel Suspension?

    Any views on whether Airmatic is worth the premium or is the AMG steel suspension fine with the AMG Sport Pack and the 18" wheels? I don't like a jarring ride and the roads aren't the best here so avoiding the 19s.
  7. D

    Wtd mercedes w203 steel wheels

    With out without tyres PM me if anyone has any Cheers
  8. M

    Full sized 16" steel spare W204

    Selling as I've sold the MB. Brand new steel rim, never fitted to the car with a 205/55/16 part worn tyre (legal tread - good brand) £50 collection from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire or Nottingham
  9. toby1

    W140 steel wheels and hubcaps

    I am after a set of 4 W140 steel wheels and hubcaps, and bolt set Thanks
  10. stevenchu

    Wanted R107 fan switch/ steel wheel/ hardtop

    Hi any got a hardtop , fan switch, 14' steel wheel pls page me.prefer if you in north west but would travel
  11. streethawk

    One off stainless steel keyring

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of the keyring I knocked up at work whilst I had a bit of free time. Only one in the world ☺
  12. Z

    Set of 7J x 16" steel rims suit W204 £125

    I’ve got a set of four 7J x 16” ET43 steel wheels which I bought in January 2015 for my W204 C Class, and are now surplus to requirements as I’ve sold the car. The winter tyres are now on my wife’s SLK, and the bare rims are in virtually new condition. A new set will set you back the thick...
  13. R

    can you fit a steel bulkhead from panel van to a dualiner behind front seats?

    Hi guys Im looking to buy my first vito and after much research im looking for a 115 cdi. Now I am finding on my searches that the dualiner vans are cheaper, better interiors and look the same but I have one question. I am looking to find out if I can fit the steel bulkhead from a...
  14. Charles Morgan

    Painting steel wheels

    I have a set of 15 inch steel wheels for my W114 coupe which are in need of a paint, superficial rust and all sound. Ideally I'd just send them off for powder coating but I've decided to avoid spending more money than I need to (boy, it's mounting up), and as they will be covered by my wheel...
  15. T

    Steel or aluminion body?

    As above,is my 07 sl350 body steel or aluminium,cheers,Tommy.
  16. chilsta

    Set of 4 original S124 TD steel wheels W124 W201

    They've got tyres fitted, but tyres're shot. Mild surface rust but perfectly serviceable. No trims. Collection from Brighton, Lewes or near M25 J9.
  17. D

    W202 steel wheels for sale

    15 inch wheels, 3 have useable tyres Offers

    FLS stainless steel exhaust.

    Has anyone used Fast Lane Styling of Romford for SS exhaust? My ML55 exhaust will need to be replaced possibly sooner than I think and I'm thinking about treating it to a SS job. The car is an 02 reg but is in great nick and I've had it for a couple of years now and there are not many...
  19. DanMorgan

    W124 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

    Hi All, I upgraded to a 300 recently and was hoping to reuse this exhaust system, however predictively I couldnt as it would be like blowing through a straw for the six cylinders! It was custom made by Pro Speed in Cardiff who ive had made around 6 full systems for me including my new one...
  20. N

    R107 Steel Wheels???

    Hi all, I'm a new member and a recent new owner of a 1972 350sl that I have rescued and want to put the original steel wheels back on... Anyone know anywhere that may have some with bolts? I've tried the SL Shop but no luck! Thanks Nick
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