1. st13phil

    Telematics successfully used to overturn speeding prosecution

    This is an interesting case reported by Fleet News. A driver was accused of driving his vehicle at 40 mph in a 30mph limit having had his vehicle's speed captured by an LTI 20:20 Ultralyte 1000 Speed Measuring Device operated by a mobile patrol. These devices are Home Office Approved and are...
  2. wongl

    Anyone successfully cloned the NTG2.5 Hard Dirve?

    I would like to clone the 40GB hard drive from W169 NTG2.5 so that I can use a 40GB SSD drive. Before rushing out to buy a 40GB SSD drive (which exists but quite hard to find), I have tried cloning the existing 40GB hard drive from NTG2.5 onto another 40GB drive using various cloning software...
  3. S

    E36 AMG Twin Turbo, has it been done successfully?

    I have searched alot for this with no avail, but still i do apologise if i have missed the answer somewhere. short version: I have the an original hughes turbo technics conversion, but the engine is knackered, so i am going to get new engine for it. I know a conversion from a m104 e320 (HFM)...
  4. G

    Successfully repaired severely damaged w211 folding mirror mechanism

    Hi, I just thought I'd share my experience of repairing my folding mirror. I clipped another mirror in a narrow street. Really not very hard but enough to break the motor/gearbox part, meaning the mirror just flapped about. The only other damage was a small crack in the indicator lens. I...
  5. Rashman

    Windscreen successfully replaced!

    Hey guys, I am relieved to say that todays mission of replacing my windscreen went very well indeed. :rock: In all, the process took about 2.5 hrs. Although this was probably longer than usual, due to my OCD. lol! I was originally going to take the car to Mercedes to have the work done...
  6. dino645

    Any ideas on successfully complaining to MBZ?

    Inchcape Stratford-upon-Avon: Has anyone used this garage for servicing? You can see my recent posts regarding problems with incorrect diagnosis, cowboy repairs, and to top it all off this Christmas, I walk out of Sainsbury's to find two guys throwing sand around my car, because after...
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