1. C

    W203 CD radio failed - suggest replacement?

    Have a pre facelift W203 coupé (03 reg) and the radio wont work any more (very poor reception) and the display is illuminating most of the symbols and it's difficult to read. I believe it's an audio 10 with 6 disc changer in glove box. Not bothered about sat nav but would like to replace the cd...
  2. Silver CL55

    Can anyone suggest someone knowlegable about R230 SL's

    Who would check one out in Buckhamshire, just outside the M25? Cheers, Colin.
  3. A

    Auto transmission problem w210 kindly suggest

    I am new to this forum. I have recently got w210 1997 Diesel,E300. It has 722.4 auto gearbox like P R N D 3 2 not triptonic. Yesterday the problem starts. The car was shifting all the gears normally. P N D 3 2 are working fine. The problem is with Reverse. As i shift gear to R by pressing brake...
  4. M

    Can you suggest a manufacturer of power steering fluid

    Can a member suggest a make of power steering for my car C180 W202 1995 Its just that when I ask for Dextron they say there are various ones-which one :wallbash: Also How many litres do I need for a complete change and is the turkey baster method ok comments and help really appreciated...
  5. D

    Can anyone suggest a meaning for these symptoms

    1996 E230 automatic - went into around 3000-4000 rpm and then would not slow down, I had to put the selector in neutral. The engine carried on at 3000-4000 oscillating. Eventually, whilst stationary, and of its own accord, the engine calmed down to idling speed, and I was able to proceed...
  6. SilverSaloon

    can anyone suggest a 4x4 for under 1k?

    Hi i am considering buying a new caravan which is just slightly too heavy for my 124 estate unfortunatly. (would work out at about 110%) but still legal to tow as the car tows up to 2100kg but dont want to tow over the 100% therefore, i have 2 choices - sell the 124 and buy a 4x4 or 140 S...
  7. C

    Can Anyone suggest goods ariels for the TV tuner

    Hi Guys After alot of messing around it looks like a recpetion issue, when in fine tunning its good pic (not great but good) when sving u get perfect audio and teletex sometimes but no pic. So I want to try new ariels can anyone advise MB ariel plug's part numbers are and what ariels i...
  8. Steve_Perry

    Google Suggest Beta

    Google Suggest Beta It's on the UK mirror too: Google UK Suggest S.
  9. N

    First Merc (W210) a couple of tweaks what do you suggest?)

    Firstly great forums and since picking my 1997 E240 Elegance up today I have been trawling through the different forums for suggestions and advice on my new purchase :) Anyway I love my car but looking at some of the pics in the gallery etc. I realise that with a couple of small tweaks it...
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