1. T

    West Midlands GTG Sun 27th May The Sparrow CV 7 9JP

    Anyone going was in the Official Club Mag but no reference on any forums or facebooks that i can see sponsored by auto finesse looks a sizeable gathering starts 11:30 Am at the Sparrow CV7 9JP by M6 / M69 junction
  2. J

    Far from luxury-class sun visor plastic

    Seems to me the plastic used for sun visor is of real low-rent quality. It is hard and feels rubbish. Not what I'd expected from the C63, but guess this is the lower-end model range (albeit the higher-end car in that range). WDYT - cheap tough plastic? Any neat alternatives available for the...
  3. L

    W202 Rear window sun blinds

    2 x Genuine MB rear window blinds for W202 C class, excellent condition only taken out of car because not my cup of tea!! open to offers - pm me Located in Rugby, Warwickshire
  4. John N

    W205 Sun Blind

    I have the Panoramic Sunroof and it has a Roller Blind incorporated that appears to have a mind of it's own. I like to have the Blind open, but at various times on locking the car it either closes all the way, :mad: closes partially :rolleyes: or stays open. :doh: I can't find any reference to...
  5. A

    Basking in the sun

    And my cat has got batmans shadow :D Popped my badges back on the opposite side :eek: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  6. D

    Sun Roof - Help!!

    I know it must just be me but is there any way you can open the sun roof without opening the sun blind as sometimes it would be nice to have an open roof but a closed sun blind. Thanks in advance and don't be too hard on me!!:thumb:
  7. Petrol Pete

    Sun roof service

    I see on here posts about which lubricant to use when servicing the sunroof mechanism, but no posts on how to actually do the service. I would like to do mine (C class W203) as my garage owning mate seems to recall that parts are not available and the whole sunroof has to be purchased as a...
  8. A

    190E Rear Sun Blind

    On German Ebay: 322445325347 | eBay Andy
  9. Darrell

    Winter sun

    My wife is working all over Christmas and New Year so a half term holiday is on the cards. Goa, Dubai and Florida are too far for a week so where else can I find decent weather in Feb that won't break the bank.
  10. wu56Shoozz

    W639 111CDi Sun Visors

    Does anyone know if a Viano Visors are plug & Play, i.e the loom is there in the roof to illuminate the mirrors? The Missus wants her vanity back.. so ordered to Viano visors with illumination.. Anyone? :dk:
  11. A

    My car in dappled sun

    Went for a forest hike, and on my return thought my car looked good in the dappled sun light And these are some of the trek And my little fellow Abble Cheers Ben :thumb:
  12. brucemillar

    124 Sun Roof adjustment

    Friends Can anybody advise how to adjust the height of the leading edge on the factory fit sunroof please. It sits just slightly lower than the roof at the leading edge but is level at the rear. I only noticed as I had to fit a new wind deflector (this I do not believe is the issue) but may...
  13. Gollom

    Short run/GTG Preston, Lancs Sun 21/8

    In celebration of SuzyCute's new acquisition we are going to meet up with Lisa110rry in her own SLK for a short blast up the M6 then a bite of lunch at Barton Grange. If you want to join us, we are meeting at Bamber Bridge B&Q 12:00 (High Noon!) this Sunday - Lisa said you cannot miss her...
  14. stevenchu

    Sun visor

    Hi new to the forum, just took the plunge and bought me self a 1984 280 sl 1 owner car from a little old lady, cut a long story short , it a rust bucket .so the long road to getting this baby to pristine condition start. Has any1 try to get a replacement sun visor for those thing ,like rocking...
  15. Felstmiester

    C63 spec from vin number rear sun blinds

    Looking at a previous thread. I put in my vin for my 58 plate c63 and it says rear window L&R electric sun blinds and rear window electric sun blind. It has got a rear electric sun blind that's operated by a button on the dash but the rear side window ones you just pull up and hook on by hand...
  16. C

    Sun Roof

    The sun roof hasent been open in a few years, according to the previous owner, and I'm concerned in opening it electrically. I dont want to damage the glass or split any of the seals. Can anyone recommend another way of possibly opening it manually or recommend any other way of opening it?
  17. rsvgreg

    Can you recommend a Sun Gun?

    I was handed one of these a couple of weeks ago by a detailer with a small stand at the Bury St Edmunds 'Cars on the Green' show. I was impressed with the level of detail the gun revealed and, as my wife and kids keep going on at me to think about birthday present ideas (The AMG GTS is out...
  18. Darrell

    When the sun is out the supercars come out,

    I have been out and about doing some stuff this morning and in Mill Hill Broadway I have seen 3 Ferraris, 1 Maclaren, a Bentley, 1 Masser, several Porsches and an Aston. Also loads of E class and BMW cabrio's.
  19. T

    Sun Visor 'make up' light W205

    Hi all Before I potentially make a fool of myself can someone with a W205 C Class confirm that a fault I think I have is actually a fault? The passenger side light behind the visor only comes on when the mirror cover is opened which seems normal to me. The drivers side comes on as soon you...
  20. H

    Wanted W211 sun visor/glass

    hi all, need a grey w211 sun visor (passenger side), broke the glass on mine. willing to buy the whole visor or just the section with the glass in it money ready and waiting if local to coventry ill collect it not will need it posted. Thanks guys
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