1. gaz_l

    Supercharging my SLK55..

    Greetings, citizens. As per title, what are my options? I'm toying with the idea of changing the car, but I could spend a bunch of money in the process and end up with an unknown quantity. On the other hand, I could chuck the same amount on a blower for the SLK, wind up with 500+ BHP, and...
  2. B

    Supercharging Boost / heat interesting read

    Found this interesting read on supercharging Supercharger & Blower Basics - Tech Article - Chevy High Performance Magazine I then looked into why the CLK 55 Dtm came with 580 bhp standard, and has quite a few changes Info on Clk55 amg...
  3. biturbo

    supercharging sl60 amg

    0002303711 Kompressor Klimaanlage M 111 M 602 M 119 | eBay anyone know if this would go onto the sl60 amg 1996 seems to have the same engine number? anyone ever done a supercharge conversion?
  4. I

    2001 c230k not supercharging please help newbie mb owner

    please somebody help me new mb owner just bought a 2001 c230k coupe everything was fine then supercharger stopped working no em light then few days later it started to work again :dk: everything was fine for a couple of days then it stopped again but this time eml came on i read codes and got...
  5. nick.ged

    supercharging a m112 3.2 in sl 129

    after my comments on how slow my mates sl129 v6 3.2 18v is, we have done some thinking, and it occured to us that the c32 amg uses the 'same' engine. we came up with more questions than asnwers however, so has anyone fitted the supercharger from a c class onto an sl? if so any advise wold be...
  6. B


    been looking into tuning options for my cl500 and found this site prices from here seem to be quite good as merc tuning goes, but if i were to buy what would be the best way to save abit more.
  7. BenzedUP


    Hi everyone, Just want some opinion/advice on supercharging my C320 I was told that if i end up fitting a charger to the car then mercedes dealers woun't have anything to do with it e.g servicing etc... the price i was quoted was near 6k for a full supercharger kit for the c320 by...
  8. N

    Supercharging a W209 CLK 55

    Hi Guys, I have a 2003 CLK 55 Convertible and have started to think about supercharging it. The engine has only done 16,000 miles. Has anyone had an experience with this type of modification or could some kind soul point me in the right direction. Also I’m wondering what sort of power...
  9. H

    supercharging c280

    Hi Just bought this: Hope I havnt jumped in feet 1st!! It will require a suitable drive and belt from the engine, mounting brackets, pipework and connections - the only...
  10. I

    1990 300E supercharging

    I have a 1990 300E, light blue. I love this car more than anything. Right now it need a valve job and other matinence needed at 140,000 miles. My question or concern is that it lags, it always has, when you floor the pedal, even in 2nd gear, it hesitates. This is quite annoying, was this a model...
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