1. Satch

    Item for sale: Self respect of Ashstead, Surrey Background information:
  2. TonyE300D

    Independent specialist in/near Croydon, Surrey?

    Not for me, for a friend. He has a G reg W124 230E auto which has not run for over a year. It needs service, MOT and TLC. Price is a major factor.
  3. D

    Independent - Surrey

    Hi, Has anyone any experience of IN AUTOS LTD, Hobbs Industrial Estate, Newchapel (Near E Grinstead)? They advertise in my local paper as a Mercedes specialist but I would be reluctant to trust them with my CLK 55 AMG without checking them out. Thanks.
  4. Satch

    Bisley, Surrey, 14 October

    Just to bump this into the minds of those with some interest: The Sept. open day was cancelled due to flooding at Bisley but is now rescheduled for Saturday 14 October. Great advantage is that there are lots of other things to do when the conversation on the merits or otherwise of Silv...
  5. W210 Fan

    Surrey Get Together - 23/09/2006

    Dont know if any of you are familiar with The Albian Tavern in Farnham but after Sebmbcgtg Ii we decided to hold a Surrey get together there as there are a few of us members who live in this great county, I know the manager there very well (its the missus) and she said we could have a bit of a...
  6. Satch

    Ready made GTG 9 September, Surrey

    Rather shamefully could not make the South East Berkshire MB Club GTG last evening. However by way of atonement and because it requires little thought or effort whatsoever, there is an opportunity for a GTG that has a huge advantage: when you can no longer stand W124 owners gloating that...
  7. S

    Alloy wheel refurbishment in Surrey

    I wondered if anyone knew of a reputable but cheap company anywhere between Guildford or Kingston? My 17" AMGs are in dire need of attention...
  8. stats007

    Impromptu Surrey GTG Sunday 5th March

    Anyone in the Surrey area fancy a coffee or lunch ? - I always wash my car and go for a drive anyway.
  9. Howard

    Shameless Plug....Colin Ferns - Richmond, Surrey

    Ok, our friend Colin has finally got his site up and running .... He is based in Richmond, Surrey, there is a map and contact details on the site ... Just a little to say really, Colin has serviced and worked on my fathers W123 280te, his W124 300te , his w208 CLK 430 and now my W124...
  10. T

    4 Wheel Alignment + Surrey

    Can anyone recommend a good place to get my alignment done on my CLK? Pref around the Surrey / Sussex areas Cheers
  11. A

    Respraying bumpers - good bodyshops around West Surrey?

    I have an opportunity to get an AMG rear bumper for my W203. I'm really keen to get it as I've just got hold of a C32 AMG exhaust system that I'm due to get modded to fit my C320. I can get this rear bumper pretty cheap (well for nothing of a mate who's had his replaced after some insurance...
  12. Alfie

    good independant servicing needed in NW surrey

    Does anyone know of or can recommend a good independant servicing outlet for a B service on a C180 in North West Surrey? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  13. P

    specialist in Surrey for CLK cabriolet

    Hi newbie on here. Usually on Ferrarichat but I drive a CLK cab on a daily basis. Thought I'd search out a mb site to answer some questions. I have, untill now, had my 230 CLK Cabriolet serviced with Greenoaks and the then supplying dealer Sunningdale Carriage Company. Fed up with the...
  14. Stratman

    Independant aircon specialist in Surrey

    I have just had a long-term aircon problem fixed :bannana: by VACS in Byfleet, Surrey (just behind Byfleet & New Haw station). Great service (they even washed the car for me!) and reasonable rates (£45 p/h). They also didn't charge me for two abortive visits when the a/c had started...
  15. D

    Specialists in Surrey

    Does anyone out there know of any independent MB specialist in and around Surrey. I am completely hacked off with my local MB garage after they left oil stains over the interior of my c class. thanks
  16. R

    Details Mini GTG S.E.London, Kent, Essex and Surrey.

    Sun 11th May 11am Details Mini GTG S.E.London, Kent, Essex and Surrey. Ok then the pub is called the Portabello and its in West Kingsdown which is on the A20 a few miles past Brands Hatch. Easy access to th M25 Jct 3, Easy access from A20, A2 from S.E. London and easy access from Maidstone and...
  17. R

    Mini GTG in May SE London, Kent, Surrey and Essex Area

    Sat or Sun?
  18. R

    Mini GTG in May SE London, Kent, Surrey and Essex Area

    Anyone interested in the above around the M25 Jct 3 near Brands Hatch area please let us know what day is best Sat or Sun and time. Cheers Ian
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