1. M

    Surrey Rolling Road

    Took my C63 AMG PP down to Surrey Rolling Road in Farnborough this morning to check its power output prior to getting a remap done. The factory figures are 487bhp for my model but it showed 528bhp on the dyno, which according to Charlie the operator, indicates that it has already been...
  2. wiggo220

    Worthing / South East INDIES

    Any reccomendations for a good independent / specialist around worthing / sussex area. I've found these few and would like feedback if you've used them before. John Haynes - Worthing Newtons - Chichester INAUTOS - Lingfield Cheers Matt
  3. C

    W123 owner in Surrey

    Hey all, I've had a few of the older Mercs in the past (W114, 127 etc) but now just got hold of a W123 300TD in Gold. I seriously have wanted one of these for a long time. I'm seriously into my retro cars, I have a small collection of Datsuns and Nissans. Sorry, that's my thing haha. I'm...
  4. C

    New member from Surrey on 2nd MB in 3 months!

    Evening all, After owning 3 Imprezas and been fairly active on most of the Subaru forums I thought to get on and share my experiences of owning a Mercedes so far which has been a roller coaster to say the least! Back in November I bought a fantastic 350CDI (60) on 30k from Caterham MB...
  5. Vintage Racer

    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    I have found a R129, SL320 in Sutton, Surrey that i'm interested in . Can anyone recommend a good specialist in that area who I could pay to take a look at it for me? Cheers Glynn
  6. J

    Hello from Horley, Surrey

    Hello everyone, Thanks for letting me join. I live in Horley, Surrey and bought my ML270 a few months back. It's ok, but has it's issues, which I am slowly trying to work through (hoping to find a lot of answers on this site). It's not the only Merc in the family as my wife owns a 2000...
  7. J

    New member in Surrey

    Hi guys, I just picked up a 2013 E63 AMG so thought I'd join on here and say hi! It's my first merc and only had the car a few days, but loving it already! Looking forward to adding my own touches over the next few months and more importantly, looking forward to the summer so I can get some...
  8. T

    W202 cruise retrofit - any friendly STAR owners in Surrey area?

    Hi there, I've just got back from the states and am sold on cruise control (even thought it eats MPG and my C200 is thirsty enough as it is!). I have a manual facelift W202 C200 and have read these (pretty old) threads. The second of which is very promising indeed...
  9. S

    Greetings from Surrey

    Hi everyone. First post here - although I have been a (dormant) member for about a 12-month. I bought a 2002 SLK320 almost one year ago (doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself!!) and she has been everything I could wish for - fast, flouncy and full of life! The car had had a full...
  10. S

    South East England Meet (Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex etc)

    Hi everyone, A few of us have been talking about a meet, and possible Hindhead tunnel run. Location is fairly central for Hampshire, (West) Sussex and Surrey counties, but isn't a million miles from Kent, East Sussex, London or at a stretch, Dorset (Bournemouth) either. Weather permitting, it...
  11. B

    local to surrey hampshire

    anyone local with headers and exhuats done on their car that wouldnt mind meeting up to have a look/listen before i brought some? undecided between what the two main options are pricing seems away off going by the sites ipe and pro angency are the ones im looking at ? also a meet is always good
  12. L

    Quick wash detailer Surrey

    Hey guys Does anyone know of a detailer that offers just a wash for cars using the proper method of 2 buckets etc. Mostly for when I don't have time to do it myself or need a last minute clean? Thanks
  13. Red C220

    Mystic Blue SL400 New Car Detail by Divine Detail Surrey

    Well I finally got round to getting my car over to Ed for a new car detail having turned down all the Star Guard upsells from the main dealer. Having had his services recommended by a number of forum members. He also happens to live close to me which was handy. The condition which a car of this...
  14. J

    New member from Surrey looking for E55 AMG Estate!

    Hi, I have been a long time BMW and ALPINA owner, I currently have a 2008 535d estate, which was a mistake. It was my first diesel, and I realise now I hate them. Love them in a boat or tractor, not in a car. I was looking for a 550i estate, but after 8 months couldn't find a single one so gave...
  15. B

    Amg event 3/10 at mbworld surrey?

    Are there ppl from here going to the AMG lounge event? Are thete members ol here that run a sc on their c63?
  16. B

    New member from Surrey

    New member from Surrey - E63 Hi to everyone. I'm a new member here. I take ownership of an E63 S this weekend 190915. Really looking forward to it!:bannana:
  17. G

    vinyl wrapping in surrey

    Want to do away with some of the chrome on my c63 and would like to get it matt black vinyl wrapped Does anyone know of any good wrappers(no fifty cent /eminem jokes please) ie window surrounds etc too much chrome for my liking
  18. M

    New Member - Surrey Based

    Hi New member here looking to purchase my first Merc in the next few weeks. Looking for a nice W211 320 CDI estate for family lugging duties! Have had various German machinery from Porsches, Audis to BMWs but never a Merc before. Will be posting various questions over the next few...
  19. Y

    Independent in Surrey

    Hi guys Does anyone know of a good , reputable Mercedes Independant specialist in Surrey ??? Handy to know just in case LOL CHEERS MARK
  20. G

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club - Surrey - Sunday 31/05/2015

    Walton Bridge Breakfast Club Sunday 31st May 2015 08:00hrs - 12:00hrs (approx) Walton Lane Riverside Car Park, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1QW (ish) Google Maps Link... Well hello there folks... This meet is all I could have ever hoped for and it continues to grow at an alarming (in...
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